Synonyms for X-rays:

negative (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)


light sources (noun)

fluorescent lights, tapers, pilot lights, illuminators, floor lamps, lamps, moonbeams, candles, stars, jack-o'-lanterns, lanterns, arc lamps, tungsten lamps, flames, beacons, klieg lights, floodlights, table lamps, flares, mercury-vapor lamps, searchlights, neon lights, spotlights, light bulbs, street lamps, torches, oil lamps, desk lights, Lights, fires, incandescent lights, flashlights.

medical instruments (noun)

tongue depressors, laparotomy packs, forceps, lances, Stethoscopes, respirometers, cardiographs, electrocardiographs, Catheters, fluoroscopes, probes, scalpels, electroencephalographs, hypodermics, Sutures, Syringes, hemostats, Ophthalmoscopes, radiometers, sphygmometers, orthoscopes, aspirators, Cystoscopes, Nebulizers.

representations (noun)

models, Metaphors, statues, representations, likenesses, replicas, casts, Copies, images, drawings, pastiches, photographs, imitations, illustrations, carvings, Cartoons, pictures, idols, snapshots, approximations, busts, silhouettes, Analogies, impressions, figurines, duplications, depictions, portrayals, Facsimiles, outlines, mock-ups, Effigies, miniatures, renderings.



Other synonyms and related words:

radiograph, radiation.

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