Synonyms for yaks:

mammals (noun)

Goats, cougars, Squirrels, Zebras, dingoes, deer, minks, Alpacas, Antelopes, Ferrets, sheep, giraffes, oxen, bobcats, Buffaloes, lynxes, arctic foxes, stoats, Wolves, Pigs, reindeers, ocelots, Horses, Tigers, elephants, Wallabies, Dromedaries, rhinoceroses, elks, Bears, Hyenas, coyotes, Mongooses, platypuses, koalas, jaguars, hedgehogs, camelopards, stags, camels, hogs, Asses, Moles, Chipmunks, jackals, pandas, burros, echidnas, sables, Lions, rabbits, gnus, possums, Hippopotami, moose, Ermines, raccoons, Rats, Kangaroos, Cheetahs, Mice, leopards, Donkeys, wombats, Opossums, Sloths, Lemmings, Llamas, panthers, cows, pumas, caribou, Cavies, Gophers, Skunks, gazelles, Ibexes, polecats, Hamsters, dogs, weasels, swine, Chinchillas, mules, porcupines, bison, Marmots, hares, Beavers, Otters, shrews, Foxes, cats.

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