Pronunciation of Yelped
/jˈɛlpt/, /jˈɛlpt/, /j_ˈɛ_l_p_t/

Synonyms for Yelped:

ululated (verb)

Cackled, Cried, Gobbled, Roared, Brayed, Chattered, Ululated, Growled, Mewed, Warbled, Grunted, Bleated, Squawked, quacked, Mooed, Purred, called, Hooted, Barked, trilled, meowed, Squealed, snarled, Bellowed, Clucked, Neighed, Cawed, honked, crowed, Bayed, Chirped, Whinnied, Cooed, Snorted, Bawled, cuckooed, Howled.

Usage examples for Yelped:

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