Antonyms for zaniness:

perception, sagacity, sagaciousness, Sageness, insight, discernment, wisdom, sapience.

Synonyms for zaniness:

Sense 1

senselessness, ludicrousness, funniness, ridiculousness, drollness, jocularity, humorousness, farcicality, comicalness, silliness, Comicality, wittiness.

Sense 2

folly, comedy, tomfoolery, drollery, preposterousness, foolery, craziness, jocosity, jocoseness.

Sense 3

idiocy, foolishness, imbecility, madness, lunacy, absurdity.

Sense 4

insanity, humor.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Other synonyms and related words:

jocosity, senselessness, daftness, fatuousness, folly, jocoseness, dottiness, comedy, wackiness, dippiness, inanity, foolery, Asininity, funniness, craziness, nonsensicalness, wittiness, wit, brainlessness, jocularity, silliness, simplicity, tomfoolery, insanity, balminess, comicalness, Comicality, humor, drollness, nonsense, foolishness, preposterousness, nuttiness, absurdity, madness, fatuity, lunacy, imbecility, witlessness, farcicality, idiocy, Unwisdom, ludicrousness, drollery, humorousness, ridiculousness.

comicality (noun)

jocoseness, wit, comedy, humorousness, wittiness, funniness, drollery, farcicality, comicalness, jocosity, nonsense, jocularity.

comicalness (noun)


craziness (noun)

imbecility, tomfoolery, nuttiness, insanity, idiocy, wackiness, silliness, madness, absurdity, senselessness, brainlessness, foolery, lunacy.

farcicality (noun)

drollness, ludicrousness.

foolishness (noun)

imbecility, craziness.

imbecility (noun)

inanity, folly, preposterousness, witlessness, craziness.

jocosity (noun)


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