Pronunciation of Zinnia
/zˈɪniə/, /zˈɪniə/, /z_ˈɪ_n_i__ə/

Synonyms for zinnia:

Other synonyms and related words:

old maid flower, spinster, old maid, cayenne jasmine, Catharanthus Roseus.

flower (noun)

foxglove, hepatica, lotus, magnolia, begonia, heather, spirea, petunia, hollyhock, clematis, daisy, snowberry, geranium, indigo, ranunculus, buttercup, periwinkle, flax, pansy, azalea, fleur-de-lis, rose, Sweet William, marigold, poppy, lupine, acacia, fuchsia, trillium, oleander, camellia, goldenrod, jasmine, iris, gladiolus, Queen Anne's Lace, larkspur, wisteria, poinsettia, wallflower, forget-me-not, lilac, daffodil, rosemary, cowslip, hydrangea, viburnum, lily, snowball, dahlia, chrysanthemum, phlox, hyacinth, tulip, morning glory, narcissus, smilax, cornflower, orchid, mimosa, dogwood, lady's slipper, yucca, jonquil, sweet pea, lavender, honeysuckle, laurel, sunflower, aster, rhododendron, African Violet, edelweiss, flower, violet, mayflower, verbena, hawthorn, strawflower, baby's breath, water lily, peony, primrose, gardenia, snapdragon, crocus, duckweed, carnation, amaryllis, bloodroot, dandelion, columbine, bluebell, Black-Eyed Susan, anemone, foxtail, hibiscus.

zinnia (noun)

old maid, old maid flower.

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