Pronunciation of Zipped
/zˈɪpt/, /zˈɪpt/, /z_ˈɪ_p_t/

Synonyms for zipped:

bound (adjective)

fastened, Stayed, knotted, knit, strung, pasted, Buckled, stitched, glued, connected, clinched, chained, Strapped, tied, Welded, Cemented, Bracketed, linked, threaded, laced, coupled, Hinged, bound, Sutured, fused, closed.

fastened (verb)

sewed, woven, Hinged, Buckled, coupled, bound, clinched, Weaved, fastened, stitched, chained, braided, Welded, tied, laced, Lashed, glued, knitted, connected, Strapped, sewn spliced, tethered, Hitched, knotted, Basted, pasted, Sutured, Stayed, fused, Plaited, Cemented, Bracketed, Stringed, Tacked, linked.

sibilated (verb)

Whizzed, Sizzled, sniffled, Whistled, Sputtered, Buzzed, Whirred, Sneezed, Snorted, Wheezed, whispered, Snuffled, whooshed, Lisped, sibilated, Fizzled, Hissed, Snored.

Usage examples for zipped:

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