Pronunciation of Accessory
/ɐksˈɛsəɹˌi/, /ɐksˈɛsəɹˌi/, /ɐ_k_s_ˈɛ_s_ə_ɹ_ˌi/

Antonyms for accessory:

rival, unsupportive, adversary.

Synonyms for accessory:

Sense 1

livery, scofflaw, nightclothes, front man, headgear, beachwear, running, thug, undies, black tie, tatters, garb, underclothes, uniform, firebug, stalker, grunge, finery, rough, suit, footwear, underwear, leisurewear, outerwear, partisan, racketeer, sleepwear, mug, sportswear, tough, costume, swimwear, delicates, hood, prowler, knitwear, hand-me-downs, two-piece, nightwear, array, arsonist, child molester, vandal, casuals, runner, menswear, couture, hosiery, villain, abductor, sex offender, Sunday Best, v neck, ensemble, device, hooligan, detail, combats, haute couture, hoodlum, fugitive, fraudster, baggies, label, woolens, fence, drug lord, synthetics, trust, disguise, fancy dress, smuggler, leather, evening dress, contributory, forger, separates, Mr. Big, mourning, millinery, intruder, civvies, sociopath, gunrunner, undergarment, rag, coordinate.

Sense 2

pirate, thermal, convenience, conspirator, drag, decoration, tool.

Sense 3

collateral, black.

Sense 4

wear, top.





Other synonyms and related words:

flap, outerwear, undergarment, accoutrement, scofflaw, cohort, convenience, improver, coordinate, subsidiary, concomitant, intruder, device, coadjutor, supplementation, tributary, ally, costume, fraudster, arsonist, racketeer, retainer, abductor, fence, finery, civvies, colleague, running, supplementary, beachwear, ensemble, two-piece, hooligan, supportive, hoodlum, necklace, supplement, label, casuals, collateral, trimming, trust, combats, appurtenant, detail, fugitive, partisan, tool, supplemental, tatters, paraphernalia, firebug, contributory, black, prowler, underclothes, baggies, adjuvant, gear, pirate, postscript, rough, decoration, top, menswear, accessary, confederate, accessorial, smuggler, hand-me-downs, undies, forger, array, peripheral, conspirator, thug, accouterment, disguise.

supplementary (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

child molester, abductor, fence, arsonist, drug lord.

Sense 2 (noun)

black tie, black, beachwear, casuals, combats, civvies, array, baggies.

Sense 3 (noun)

decoration, conspirator.

Sense 4 (noun)

contributory, collateral.

accessory (noun)

adjuvant, adjunct, accouterment, appurtenance, accoutrement, appurtenant, supportive, auxiliary, subsidiary, supplement, ancillary, accessary.

accompaniment (noun)

appurtenance, appendix, fixture, addition, attachment, ornament, companion, garnish, appendage, brother, addendum, adornment, accompaniment, extension, secondary, consort.

artifact (noun)

appurtenance, accouterment, supplement, accoutrement, add-on.

assistant (noun)

deputy, attorney, stooge, minion, backer, helpmate, agent, abettor, underling, benefactor, lieutenant, ancillary, aide, patsy, servant, laborer, adjunct, auxiliary, menial, follower, proxy, assistant, partner, second, helper, aide-de-camp, extra, associate, accomplice, functionary, employee, flunky, subordinate, attendant, hireling, junior, chaperone, Aider, henchman, acolyte.

follower (noun)


ornamentation (noun)


ornament (verb)


subordinate (verb)


Usage examples for accessory:

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