Pronunciation of Ace
/ˈe͡ɪs/, /ˈe‍ɪs/, /ˈeɪ_s/

Antonyms for ace:

amateur, inept, unskilled, inferior, jackleg.

Synonyms for ace:

Sense 1

cracking, king, plum, past master, singular, diamond, PHAT, knave, deuce, ducky, face card, famous, spade, topflight, far-out, wild card, trump card, picture card, playing card, blue-ribbon, trump, cushdy, badass, deck, dab hand, queen, aviator, tophole, joker, club, smashing, tubular, jack.

Sense 2

expert, first class, distinguished, card, suit, conquer, vanquish, house of cards, gem, subjugate, pack, overcome.

Sense 3

all-right, dandy, heart, swell, worst.

Sense 4

defeat, whip, great.

Sense 5

boss, terrific, master.

Sense 6

lick, hot.

Sense 7

trim, subdue.

Sense 8

quality, authority.

Sense 15



in, break, footfault, set, service line, ground stroke, forehand, fault, match point, match, unseeded, mixed doubles, drop shot, double fault, ball boy, advantage, double, let, wimbledon, the Open, break point, net, tennis, lawn tennis, ball girl, love, the Davis Cup.

excellent (adjective)

excellent, above par, exemplary, select, fine, blue-ribbon, A plus, superior, prime, classic, exquisite, splendid, A 1, all-star, superlative, choice.

exhibiting expertise in some activity (adjective)

distinguished, champion, excellent, great, expert, virtuoso, first-rate, master.

expert (adjective)

specialist, master, distinguished.

good (adjective)


tiptop (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

crackerjack, past master, dab hand, authority, expert, proficient, master.

Sense 3 (noun)

club, diamond, deck, deuce, jack, house of cards, card, face card, heart.

Sense 4 (noun)

artist, queen, maestro.

Sense 5 (noun)

plum, singular, terrific, PHAT, cushdy.

ace (noun)

first-rate, tops, unity, adept, superior, topnotch, tiptop, star, hotshot, pass with flying colors, single, sail through, a-one, whizz, wiz, nail, sensation, whiz, genius, wizard, one, breeze through, super, virtuoso, maven, sweep through.

expert (noun)

dab hand, shark.

expert in some activity (noun)

genius, wizard, star.

golf (noun)

birdie, bogey, bunker, caddy, backswing.

tennis (noun)

ball boy, the Davis Cup, break, break point, advantage, ball girl.

social (verb)

breeze through, nail, pass with flying colors, sail through, sweep through.

Usage examples for ace:

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