Pronunciation of Ally
/ˈala͡ɪ/, /ˈala‍ɪ/, /ˈa_l_aɪ/

Antonyms for ally:

foe, antagonist, opponent, enemy.

Synonyms for ally:

Sense 1

Man Friday, factotum, patron, stick by, unify, Leaguer, prop, agent, salvation, associate with, axis, steward, aide, convention, stick up for, sympathize, treaty, facilitator, Coalitionist, stand for, enabler, patrolman, speak up for, sustain, mentor, administrative assistant, plug for, buttress, ancillary, confirm, the Geneva Convention, lieutenant, social secretary, fixer, personal assistant, advance person, handmaiden, stick together, lifesaver, Girl Friday, auxiliary, root for, bureaucrat, page, secretary, knight-errant, copartner, declare for, ASST, uphold, entente.

Sense 2

sympathizer, federate, recognition, cohort, aid, P.A., help, promoter, endorse, back up, protocol, accession, nourish, conjoin, affirm, stand by, advocate, agree with.

Sense 3

stand up, combine, second, favor, strengthen, recognize, rally.

Sense 4

promote, align.

Sense 5


Sense 6

sponsor, back.

Sense 11



stick up for, stick by.




stick together.

Other synonyms and related words:

convention, accessory, booster, secretary, ancillary, prop, Leaguer, adherent, coadjutor, combine, support, endorse, helper, entente, partisan, unify, promote, patrolman, agent, peer, sympathizer, favor, auxiliary, bureaucrat, Man Friday, knight-errant, conjoin, aid, helpmate, retainer, champion, follower, protagonist, cohort, aide, henchman, accession, copartner, protocol, federate, help, patron, buttress, sympathize, axis, admirer, lifesaver, page, sponsor, Coalitionist, recognition, sustain, lieutenant, handmaiden, salvation, back, align, factotum, bind, backer, consort, promoter, Girl Friday, attendant, advocate, subordinate.

Sense 1 (noun)

support, help.

Sense 2 (noun)

the Geneva Convention, accession, entente, align, federate, convention, axis.

Sense 3 (noun)

ancillary, aide, conjoin, bind, combine, administrative assistant, advance person, aid, agent.

Sense 4 (noun)

sympathize, speak up for, back, promote, agree with, endorse.

ally (noun)

colleague, affiliate, unify, accessory, marry, unite, combine, collaborate, connect, join, consort, confederate, accomplice, supporter, helper, friend, co-worker, partner, associate, amalgamate.

assistant (noun)

helper, helpmate, mate, lieutenant.

confederate (noun)

associate, supporter, abettor, assistant, colleague, accomplice.

follower (noun)


friend (noun)

comrade, sister, buddy, companion, confidant, chum, brother, roommate, teammate, Familiar, crony, partner, mate, acquaintance, intimate, schoolmate, fellow, co-worker, playmate, cousin, classmate, company, friend, amigo, pal.

person (noun)


promoter (noun)


something united with another, especially by treaty (noun)

co-worker, coadjutor, helper, accomplice, partner, friend, confederate, accessory, colleague, associate.

co-operate (verb)

interplay, collude, co-operate, band, share, intermesh, intertwine, interlace, mesh, reciprocate, overlap, interweave, collaborate, unite, pool, participate, dovetail, trade, confederate, concur.

join (verb)

bond, adhere, wed, couple, attach, affix, cling, merge, juxtapose, connect, join, affiliate, amalgamate, consolidate, abut, relate, splice, marry, annex.

Usage examples for ally:

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