B Movie

Pronunciation of B Movie
/bˈiː mˈuːvi/, /bˈiː mˈuːvi/, /b_ˈiː m_ˈuː_v_i/

Synonyms for B movie:

Sense 1

pic, movie, newsreel, video, horror movie, silent movie, slasher, high-concept, film noir, Ealing comedy, remake, talkie, technicolor, feature film, whodunit, miniseries, spaghetti western, biopic, road movie, chick flick, satire, motion picture, docudrama, moving picture, weepie, director's cut, anime, screwball comedy, blue movie, chiller, buddy movie, home movie, filmstrip, costume drama.

Sense 2

turkey, sleeper, vehicle, flick, animation, western, documentary.

Sense 3

epic, film, shocker, cartoon, print, feature.

Sense 4

new wave.

Sense 5

picture, romance.

Sense 7


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