Baby Food

Pronunciation of Baby Food
/bˈe͡ɪbi fˈuːd/, /bˈe‍ɪbi fˈuːd/, /b_ˈeɪ_b_i f_ˈuː_d/

Synonyms for baby food:

Sense 1

superfood, non-vegetarian, convenience food, pap, iron rations, fast food, seafood, Dry goods, comfort food, macrobiotic, novel food, munchies, Frankenfood, slow food, junk food, nutraceutical, non-dairy, aphrodisiac, health food, staple diet, soul food, slop.

Sense 2

garnish, vegetable, nibble, savory, confectionery, delicacy, meat, dairy, goodies, carbohydrate, veggie.

Sense 3

creole, produce.

Sense 4


Sense 8


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