Pronunciation of Battery
/bˈatəɹi/, /bˈatəɹi/, /b_ˈa_t_ə_ɹ_i/

Synonyms for battery:

Sense 1

nexus, subset, agglomeration, variety, cache, bevy, vandalism, smorgasbord, photovoltaic cell, battery pack, grab bag, sampler, solar cell, conglomeration, stranger crime, compilation, wind turbine, survival kit, assortment, mother lode, wind farm, phalanx, dry battery, storehouse, arsenal, welter, corpus, gender violence, domestic violence, incitement, stash, capacitor, recharger, power plant, arson, miscellany, disorderly conduct, registry.

Sense 2

portfolio, ensemble, examination, hoard, bale, system, offense, photoelectric cell, store, treasury, kit, gear, kidnap, storage, collection, harvest, stockpile, package deal, paraphernalia.

Sense 3

library, reserve, assembly, string.

Sense 4

nest, command, bundle, sweep, section, pack.

Sense 5

stock, display, cell.

Sense 6


Sense 7




Sense 1 (noun)

assortment, bale, bevy, agglomeration, assembly.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

disorderly conduct, gender violence, collection, domestic violence, array, incitement, kidnap, set, arson, stranger crime.

Sense 4 (noun)

photoelectric cell, solar cell, battery pack, photovoltaic cell, cell, recharger, dry battery, power plant, capacitor.

battery (noun)

bombardment, barrage fire, barrage, stamp battery, shelling, electric battery.

group of weapons (noun)

cannon, artillery.

physical abuse (noun)


series of similar things (noun)

bundle, batch, clump, cluster, suite, lot, set, clot, group, bunch, body, array.

weapon (noun)

mace, claymore, torpedo, firearm, stiletto, arrow, missile, heater, bow and arrow, weapon, artillery, saber, Bilbo, javelin, bayonet, rapier, mortar, browning, club, shotgun, gun, blowpipe, rocket, howitzer, repeater, blunderbuss, ax, trigger, rifle, machete, carbine, peashooter, knife, handgun, bullet, flamethrower, lance, shooter, piece, weaponry, machine gun, colt, cutlass, ordnance, revolver, muzzle, sidewinder, sword, spear, scimitar, musket, boomerang, dagger, blowgun, pistol, broadsword, luger, armament, ammunition, cannon, shell, winchester, bazooka, Remington, bomber.

Usage examples for battery:

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