Pronunciation of Besides
/bɪsˈa͡ɪdz/, /bɪsˈa‍ɪdz/, /b_ɪ_s_ˈaɪ_d_z/

Synonyms for besides:

Sense 1

supplementary, aside from, secondly, That, Because, supernumerary, extraordinary, added.

Sense 2

nay, second.

Sense 3

fresh, as, plus, Since, spare.

Sense 4

precisely, witness, explain.

Sense 6

look at.

in addition

item, over.



accompanying (adjective)

additional, ornamental, extra, adjoining, secondary, in addition to, along with, attached, auxiliary, supplemental, affixed, Adorning, companion.

additional (adjective)


again (adverb)


all (adverb)

in any case.

also (adverb)

additionally, not to mention, moreover, also, too, together with, as well as, furthermore, in addition, And, further, Including, likewise.

additionally (adverb)

further, moreover.

along (adverb)

as well, in addition to.

also (adverb)

also, in addition, not to mention, too, moreover, along with, Including, And, as well as, likewise, together with, additionally, furthermore, withal, further.

however (conjunction)


Sense 1 (noun)

secondly, supplementary, exclusive of, else, apart from, aside from, plus.

Sense 2 (noun)

look at, nay, Since, as, Because, precisely, explain.

besides (noun)

as well, also, in any case, too, likewise.

in addition to (preposition)


Usage examples for besides:

  • Besides, Mattei Perucca is dead. - "The Isle of Unrest", Henry Seton Merriman.
  • Besides, you know it's very wrong of you to- to care for me. - "A Woman's Burden", Fergus Hume.
  • Besides, it can do no good to speak. - "The Castle Of The Shadows", Alice Muriel Williamson.

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