Pronunciation of Book
/bˈʊk/, /bˈʊk/, /b_ˈʊ_k/

Synonyms for book:

Good Book

good book.

Holy Scripture

holy scripture.

Holy Writ

holy writ.





Sense 1

Playbook, visitors' book, artwork, localization, imprint, empire-building, localisation, business plan, epilogue, Breath Test, dealing, dust cover, datebook, red card, sketchbook, distribution channel, offprint, hire, brokerage, pull over, speller, vigilante, guest book, log book, compete, jacket, flyleaf, identity parade, body search, vignette, freelance, diversification, competition, cross-reference, frontispiece, Broking, afterword, run down, charge sheet, psalter, cannibalize, thumb index, move into, talking book, timekeeper, organizer, expand, globalise, transact, rush through, spine, yellow card, glocalization, scorekeeper, goodwill, binding, grow, intracompany, Filofax, verso, Re-form, deskill, rescue, monopolize, epigraph, leaf, Miranda Rights, dedication, dust jacket, blurb, forge, gazetteer, capital project, front matter, planner, citizen's arrest, audio book, stocktaking, vocabulary, capital expenditure, detention, beauty parade, commentary box, breathalyze, ump, bookplate, foreword, bounty hunter, capital outlay, scratchpad, addendum, globalize, lesson, rap sheet, fare, office hours, sleeve, text, transplant, go after, illustration, recto, prologue, baby book, appointment book, dawn raid, title page, louse, preface, order off.

Sense 2

process, cliffhanger, operate, apprehend, apprehension, enroll, corner, questioning, nick, catch up with, question, appendix, consummate, linesman, officiate, office, fingerprint, pull in, ref, business, capacity, come for, plate, blotter, raid, strengthen, division, key, scorer, caller, enterprise, body, nab, referee, develop, bespeak, suspected, address book, umpire, detain.

Sense 3

reference, supplement, acknowledgment, figure, caution, interview, content, trade, trap, lineup, composition, expansion.

Sense 4

open, inscribe, extract, collar, rap, reader, see, suspect, close.

Sense 5

introduction, give up, touch, engage, cover, round up, bust, back.

Sense 6

starter, qualify.

Sense 7


Sense 8

pick up.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 12


Sense 25


Word of God

word of god.

book of maps










Other synonyms and related words:

concur, spine, business, engage, localization, manuscript, psalter, hire, have, freelance, rap, moderate, open, confine, call, competition, blurb, curb, organizer, nab, brokerage, apprehend, deem, expand, gazette, defy, concord, hand, consummate, reserve, criminal record, contain, retain, localisation, go for, good book, holy writ, holy scripture, support, sustain, bulk, collar, withstand, maintain, division, nurse, Begone, suspect, frontispiece, inscribe, word of god, acknowledgment, bail, arrest, take hold, fare, detention, jacket, hold up, supplement, phonograph recording, entertain, epigraph, paperback, composition, bible, epilogue, preface, quran, keep, disc, back, phonograph record, appendix, apply, recto, throw, Broking, detain, figure, offprint, take, operate, leger, obligate, guard, platter, afterword, binding, speller, accommodate, process, oblige, mag, corner, charge, track record, playscript, view as, bust, bespeak, koran, harbor, bind, enroll, datebook, hold in, body, breathalyze, record book, book of account, develop, bear, schoolbook, admit, goodwill, organ, ref, make, atlas, artwork, card, officiate, rag, give, obtain, leaf, prevail, lowdown, adjudge, earmark, addendum, scripture, caller, agree, intensity, declare, scarper, timekeeper, qualify, carry, blotter, bulletin, handwriting, scoop, halt, enterprise, extract, cannibalize, restrain, transact, vocabulary, zine, word, allow, mass, stocktaking, verso, referee, flyleaf, have got, cross-reference, linesman, text, question, take for, forge, front matter, apprehension, hold, account book, reader, Playbook, sketchbook, keep back, harbour, appropriate, control, judge, review, illustration, disk, loudness, defend, tip, gazetteer, content, monopolize, capacity, rule book, recordbook, fingerprint, hold back.

Sense 1 (noun)

capacity, business plan, offprint, paperback, business, Broking, beauty parade, cannibalize, brokerage, text.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

back, afterword, binding, blurb, appendix, enroll, inscribe, artwork, addendum, body.

Sense 4 (noun)

engage, bespeak.

Sense 5 (noun)

audio book, blotter, baby book, appointment book, datebook, address book.

Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

bounty hunter, apprehension, Breath Test, bust, breathalyze, body search, apprehend.

Sense 10 (noun)


Sense 11 (noun)

linesman, caller, officiate, judge, card, commentary box, call.

account (noun)

tally, statement.

account; diary (noun)

record, notebook, register, list, roster, pad.

artifact (noun)


book (noun)

playscript, holy scripture, work, hold, koran, compendium, chapter, handbook, reserve, holy writ, word of god, brochure, scripture, quran, bible, tome, report, leaflet, manual, good book, account book, serial, publication, tract, ledger, script, libretto, leger, treatise, folio, volume, play book, booklet, textbook, word, monograph, verse, book of account, rule book, insert, record, recordbook, magazine, pamphlet.

chronicle (noun)

narrative, catalog, epic, Cashbook, autobiography, chronicle, index, diary, album, history, biography, newspaper, newsletter, journal, docket, inventory, account, archive, anecdote, enumeration, Bank book, memorandum, recital, record, ledger, chronology, register, memo, statement, notebook, log, description, calendar, yearbook, daybook, scrapbook.

composition (noun)


list (noun)

store, documentation, Storybook, itemization, score, table, schedule, manifest, tablet, list, bill, novel, menu, recording, thesaurus, workbook, census, total, cash book, lexicon, annual, tabulate, recount, scroll, count, logbook, digest, roster, invoice, detail, annals, tally, collection, repertory, blank-book, dictionary, sum, check, budget, registry, pad, roll, treasury, summary, waybill, file.

print (noun)


publication (noun)

publication, newsletter.

published document (noun)

pamphlet, album, thesaurus, folio, handbook, volume, magazine, text, tome, roll, work, publication, brochure, dictionary, compendium, atlas, scroll, textbook, bible, treatise, novel, offprint, tract, monograph, manual, reader, booklet, paperback, leaflet, lexicon, speller.

arrest (verb)


list (verb)

note, itemize, summarize, enumerate, document, Journalize, collect, audit.

register, arrange for (verb)

hire, bill, reserve, enroll, engage, schedule, bespeak.

social (verb)

reserve, hold.

Usage examples for book:

  • It is in His book. - "Melbourne House", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • I am reading your mind at this moment; it is like an open book to me. - "Garrick's Pupil", Auguston Filon.
  • Doesn't he talk like a book? - "The Wizard's Daughter and Other Stories", Margaret Collier Graham.

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