Pronunciation of Bottle
/bˈɒtə͡l/, /bˈɒtə‍l/, /b_ˈɒ_t_əl/

Synonyms for bottle:

Sense 1

drink, cistern, spray can, carton, ice bucket, cram, tree, spray gun, intersperse, thimbleful, pack into, teaspoon, package, jerrycan, siphon bottle, cylinder, pail, fifth, magnum, atomizer, pack away, tablespoon, overfill, TSP, tankful, oilcan, interleave, glassware, goatskin, flash-freeze, aerosol, pitcher, TBS, jeroboam, dropper, wine cooler, ampoule, glassful, poke, shaker, keg, packing, basin, interpose, demiJohn, ewer, butt, wedge, cocktail shaker, hot-water bottle.

Sense 2

entomb, homogenize, insertion, spray, lock away, bath, shoehorn, dehydration.

Sense 3

irradiate, pack up, irradiation, slot in, glass, pickle, inset, ram, overload, slot into.

Sense 4

cure, center, mug, embed.

Sense 5

bury, load, insert.

Sense 6

smoke, bed, thread, squeeze.

Sense 7

pack, stuff, seat.

Sense 8

feed, process.

Sense 9

dry, squash.

Sense 10


Sense 11





lock away, pack away.

vacuum bottle

thermos bottle.

Other synonyms and related words:

demiJohn, bed, bath, stoutness, keg, irradiation, overfill, pitcher, dauntlessness, process, booze, irradiate, goatskin, moxie, juice, jeroboam, homogenize, glassful, stimulant, stuff, cure, sauce, heart, mug, feed, virtue, moonshine, valor, intoxicant, thimbleful, spirit, grog, firewater, bury, embed, load, atomizer, gut, hardihood, butt, magnum, Doughtiness, bottleful, John barleycorn, intrepidness, tankard, carton, greatheartedness, ampoule, cylinder, fifth, nerve, liquor, bravery, center, pail, courageousness, entomb, fit, alcohol, tankful, pickle, nursing bottle, aerosol, insertion, cram, smoke, prowess, ewer, tipple, basin, dehydration, intrepidity, flash-freeze, fearlessness, ram, feeding bottle, courage, gallantry, pack, daringness, inebriant, package, spray, wedge, glass, level, gutsiness, dry, hot-water bottle, cistern, intestinal fortitude, drink, pack away.

Sense 1 (noun)

butt, bath, atomizer, basin, aerosol, ampoule.

Sense 3 (noun)

entomb, embed, center, cram, bed, bury.

Sense 4 (noun)

glassful, carton, mug, level.

Sense 5 (noun)

irradiate, homogenize, dry, flash-freeze, cure, dehydration.

bottle (noun)

carafe, cruet, gourd, carboy, flagon, canteen, Flacon, vial, thermos, phial, bottleful.

container (noun)

case, bowl, decanter, vat, wallet, crate, cup, box, chest, bag, barrel, bin, trunk, drawer, jar, holder, bucket, ladle, cabinet, cask, sack, cupboard, basket, locker, bladder, tank, repository, receptacle, purse, pocket, container, stomach, belly, flask, reservoir, shelf, suitcase, drum, storage, jug, closet, vault, tray, pouch.

container, usually for liquids (noun)

carafe, canteen, flask, flagon, glass, cruet, vial, jar, phial, jug, ewer, decanter.

preservation (noun)

can, preservation, freezing, mummification, library, sanctuary, archive, asylum, conservation, Embalming, quick-freeze, refrigeration, bank.

preserve (verb)

freeze, marinate, mummify, refrigerate, petrify, conserve, preserve, embalm.

Usage examples for bottle:

  • Oh, go back to your bottle! - "Murder in the Gunroom", Henry Beam Piper.
  • Then he ordered a bottle for all hands. - "Their Son; The Necklace", Eduardo Zamacois.
  • A moment later he handed her a small bottle. - "Prudence of the Parsonage", Ethel Hueston.

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