Pronunciation of Bread
/bɹˈɛd/, /bɹˈɛd/, /b_ɹ_ˈɛ_d/

Synonyms for bread:

Sense 1

medium of exchange, popover, alimentation, crouton, pitta bread, paper money, mazuma, petty cash, cookie, corn pone, sourdough, chow, funny money, subsistence, blini, money order, provender, monies, French Bread, DOSH, breadcrumbs, pap, electronic purse, hard cash, brioche, victual, saltine, aliment, moola, bread and butter, banknote, poppadom, long green, pastry, paratha, NAAN, matzo, loose change, new money, English Muffin, ROTI, postal order.

Sense 2

currency, coinage, eats, rye, nourishment, obverse, nutrition, shekel, alimony, pabulum, denomination, nurture, small change, P.O..

Sense 3

finance, living, upkeep, livelihood, cash, diet, copper, maintenance.

Sense 4

brass, money, silver.

Sense 5

provision, green.

Sense 6

fund, jack, face, bill.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 10


Sense 11








Other synonyms and related words:

victual, provision, clams, profits, loot, knife, finance, borecole, pap, note, pillage, chip, popsicle, banknote, gelt, upkeep, lettuce, hard cash, lucre, denomination, cabbage, moolah, alimentation, bread and butter, cookie, shekel, mazuma, mark, provender, lolly, profit, Brassica Oleracea Acephala, table, swag, ROTI, manna, booty, cash, dirty money, earnings, tucker, carbohydrate, edibles, matzo, coinage, small change, nutrition, newmarket, start, wampum, vittles, dent, nourishment, net income, medium of exchange, Boodle, monies, gold, net, victuals, obverse, pastry, pelf, brioche, breadcrumbs, face, comestibles, maintenance, coin, plunder, cultivated cabbage, diet, saccharide, rye, sugar, jack, pudding, kale, pabulum, prize, scratch, green, dinero, foodstuffs, living, alimony, chuck, shekels, buck, staff of life, Brassica Oleracea, peag, money, eatables, cacography, chou, NAAN, fund, chow, aliment, net profit, breadstuff, viand, brass, change, currency, chicago, tail, nurture, subsistence, wampumpeag, legal tender, michigan, long green, eats, moola, paper money, simoleons, livelihood, abrasion.

Sense 1 (noun)

breadcrumbs, corn pone, brioche, blini.

Sense 2 (noun)

coinage, copper, bill, banknote.

Sense 3 (noun)

pap, provision, chow, provender, nourishment, diet, nurture, nutrition, victual, eats, pabulum, aliment.

Sense 5 (noun)

livelihood, alimentation, upkeep, maintenance, bread and butter, subsistence, alimony, money, living.

Sense 6 (noun)

green, long green, moola, jack, brass, currency, cash, mazuma.

bread (noun)

shekels, pancake, crumb, gelt, flapjack, loaf, raisin bread, banana bread, rye bread, pita bread, dough, brown bread, yeast, flour, roll, muffin, staff of life, sliced bread, tortilla, waffle, bread-stick, scone, pumpernickel, hard roll, white-bread, sweet roll, dumpling, croutons, bagel, bun, cracker, loot, baguette, whole wheat bread, lucre, whole grain bread, crust, croissant, zwieback, rusk, cabbage, dinero, donut, corn bread, moolah, biscuit, pelf, sweet bun, taco, breadstuff, breakfast roll, kale, griddlecake, toast.

coin (noun)

gold, copper.

daily food (noun)

fare, diet, grub, subsistence, nourishment, provender, nutriment, sustenance, aliment, staff of life, feed, nurture, victuals, comestibles.

food (noun)

staff of life, breadstuff.

meal (noun)

feast, breakfast, barbecue, nutriment, feed, consumption, grub, food, cuisine, dinner, eating, drink, banquet, morsel, board, picnic, ingestion, foodstuff, snack, sustenance, meat, meal, spread, repast, taste, fare, lunch.

money (noun)

cabbage, mazuma, finance, dough, scratch, coin, cash.

nourishment (noun)


pastry (noun)


Usage examples for bread:

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