Pronunciation of Brick
/bɹˈɪk/, /bɹˈɪk/, /b_ɹ_ˈɪ_k/

Synonyms for brick:

brown (adjective)

puce, copper.

red (adjective)

wine-colored, damask, copper, magenta, carmine, cinnabar, madder, maroon, vermilion, cerise, scarlet, pink, cherry, flushed, blushing, puce, red, ruddy, poppy, carnation, ruby, crimson.

Sense 1

caulk, slab, hardboard, fiberboard, shingle, adobe, granite, cladding, plasterboard, cinder block, planking, rendering, Decking, siding, pointing, duct tape, lath, piping, girder, mud, block, stucco, parquet, timber, asbestos, plank, slate, plywood, masonry, paving, laminate, putty, brownstone, quarry tile, gentleman, reinforced concrete, cheese, insulator, boarding, MDF, wattle, masonite, mortar, bitumen, glass wool, plaster, precast, clapboard, drywall, roofing, scaffolding.

Sense 2

daub, floorboard, iron, woodblock, tile, cement, filler, insulation.

Sense 3


Sense 4

board, aggregate.

Sense 5


Other synonyms and related words:

bobble, stucco, gentleman, cheese, roofing, misstep, putty, miscue, boarding, lapse, slab, inaccuracy, filler, block, granite, insulator, paved, screwup, aggregate, cinder block, stumble, wattle, bitumen, mistake, fumble, clanger, plaster, timber, concrete, clapboard, lath, clinker, gaff, trip, tile, precast, slipup, paving, brownstone, gaffe, reinforced concrete, scaffolding, blunder, masonry, piping, mortar, cement, adobe, asbestos, mud, board, caulk, shingle, boo-boo, fault, cladding, boob, flub, plank, slate, siding, fluff, oversight, goof, fiberboard, iron, parquet.

Sense 1 (noun)

asbestos, board, brownstone, cement, caulk, aggregate, bitumen, boarding.

block (noun)

slab, cinder block.

brick (noun)


cube (noun)

cinder block, block, slab, masonry, adobe.

red (noun)

cerise, magenta, ruby, scarlet.

red (noun, adjective)


Usage examples for brick:

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