Pronunciation of Bully
/bˈʊlɪ/, /bˈʊlɪ/, /b_ˈʊ_l_ɪ/

Synonyms for bully:

Sense 1

discourage, railroad through, pester, blue-ribbon, trammel, drag in, drag into, bludgeon, browbeater, tophole, topnotch, constrain, intimidator, rascal, thrust upon, Importune, a-one, bulldozer, topflight.

Sense 2

first-rate, hold to, pin down, cow, dare, pressurize, railroad, badger, lean on, first class, stampede, hold over, whip into.

Sense 3

champion, buffalo, tiptop, prime.

Sense 4


Sense 5

terrific, boss, splendid.

Sense 6


Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 11



bang up.




kick around.

first class












Other synonyms and related words:

fabulous, penetrating, lean on, nifty, strut, radical, brave, gorilla, swell, acute, ill-treat, wizard, five-star, divine, bonny, neat, champion, gone, plug-ugly, cool, push around, fab, discriminating, yobbo, exquisite, lovely, dynamite, manhandle, righteous, classic, peachy, badger, browbeater, bumper, first-rate, Importune, mobster, tiptop, disciplinarian, down, yob, tophole, tip-top, groovy, homeboy, clean, awesome, hot, topflight, capital, PHAT, intimidator, primo, out of sight, jim-dandy, hector, fine, punk, gilt-edged, cracking, strong-armer, swash, superior, orderly, peachy keen, full-strength, hood, great, wonderful, blue-ribbon, discourage, fantastic, beautiful, first-string, make, a-one, ruffle, marvelous, heavenly, pressurize, coward, roughneck, top-shelf, choice, prime, ballyrag, bulldozer, quality, top of the line, rascal, superlative, splendid, prizewinning, gangsta, smashing, sterling, banner, swagger, dominate, bluster, railroad, strong-arm, fantabulous, penetrative, outstanding, meanie, stampede, blackjack, dare, gangbusters, oppress, bogart, slap-up, sharp, top, prance, hype, rowdy, piercing, miscreant, top-notch, crackerjack, constrain, cow, brutalize, terrific, unsurpassed, street fighter, first class, corking, pester, force, keen, refined, trammel, good, tasteful, topnotch, superb, frontline, boss, yobo, incisive, a-ok, mau-mau, buffalo, goon, bullyrag, topping, FOUR STAR, stellar, sashay, A1, bludgeon, prize, dandy, excellent, supernal, famous, noble, grand, not bad, boffo, toughie, slick, brag, boss around.

good (adjective)

tip-top, first class.

Sense 2 (noun)

bulldozer, brave, browbeater, intimidator.

Sense 3 (noun)

force, badger, drag into, pester.

bully (noun)

neat, good, hector, great, slap-up, dandy, smashing, roughneck, browbeat, yob, hooligan, swagger, corking, cracking, rowdy, strong-arm, boss around, yobbo, nifty, ballyrag, not bad, groovy, bullyrag, peachy, ruffian, yobo, swell, tough, push around, keen, bang up.

combatant (noun)

contestant, soldier, opponent, militant, duelist, swordsman, assailant, enemy, rival, struggler, man-at-arms, combatant, warrior, Jouster, rioter, tough, battler, foe, thug, competitor, gladiator, quarreler, adversary, antagonist, mercenary, bruiser, pugilist, brawler, fighter.

domineering person (noun)

rowdy, tough, ruffian, rascal, browbeater, bulldozer, intimidator.

evildoer (noun)

evildoer, gunman, crook, wrongdoer, ogre, hooligan, desperado, criminal, brute, ruffian, fiend, hoodlum, viper, snake, scoundrel, cutthroat, terrorist, law breaker, bad guy, vandal, tyrant, thief, demon, vampire, monster, vulture.

person (noun)

yob, roughneck, yobbo, yobo, hooligan, rowdy, ruffian, tough.

punk (noun)


tormentor (noun)


compel (verb)

mandate, motivate, impel, coerce, dragoon, foment, push, press, oblige, cause, incite, drive, spark, goad, galvanize, compel, pressure, dictate, propel, hijack, stimulate, nag, stress, urge, daunt.

intimidate, push around (verb)

hector, swagger, oppress, bludgeon, coerce, dragoon, harass, lean on, threaten, bulldoze, bluster, buffalo, cow, browbeat, torment.

threaten (verb)

forebode, warn, hint, browbeat, bulldoze, intimidate, scare, admonish, harass, torment, threaten, frighten, Forewarn.

Usage examples for bully:

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