Pronunciation of Cabaret
/kˈabəɹˌe͡ɪ/, /kˈabəɹˌe‍ɪ/, /k_ˈa_b_ə_ɹ_ˌeɪ/

Synonyms for cabaret:

Sense 1

pizzeria, vaudeville, dining car, carryout, hospitality, show business, striptease, romantic comedy, music hall, show biz, truck stop, tandoori, strip show, light entertainment, steakhouse, the movies, transport cafe, karaoke, nightlife, air show, light show, coffeehouse, ice cream parlor, popular culture, musical comedy, wine bar, trattoria, coffee shop, tea shop, movieoke, cafeteria, brasserie, spoof, tattoo, Internet cafe, teahouse, corporate hospitality, burlesque, snack bar, dinner theater, cybercafe, greasy spoon, pizza parlor, eatery, bullfight.

Sense 2

commissary, variety, diner, dive, comedy, entertainment, hole-in-the-wall, theater, bar, canteen, buffet, pantomime, drive in, tearoom.

Sense 3

grill, chinese, strip.

Sense 9


eating place


Other synonyms and related words:

commissary, strip, supper club, roadhouse, theater, teahouse, burlesque, gild, chinese, baseball club, brasserie, hole-in-the-wall, buffet, bistro, tattoo, society, diner, karaoke, tearoom, trattoria, clubhouse, eatery, bar, entertainment, cafe, dive, show biz, canteen, nitery, comedy, ball club, carryout, bullfight, pantomime, hospitality, show business, order, striptease, music hall, lodge, coffeehouse, restaurant, guild, house, cafeteria, nine, golf-club.

Sense 1 (noun)

hospitality, light show, karaoke, bullfight, supper club, corporate hospitality, air show, restaurant, burlesque, comedy, light entertainment, bar.

Sense 2 (noun)

canteen, brasserie, carryout, chinese, cafeteria, buffet.

artifact (noun)

nightclub, club, nightspot.

cabaret (noun)

club, nightclub, floor show, floorshow, nightspot.

floor show (noun)


nightclub (noun)

supper club, roadhouse, nitery.

nightclub with musical performances (noun)

dive, bar, supper club.

Usage examples for cabaret:

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