Pronunciation of Cad
/kˈad/, /kˈad/, /k_ˈa_d/

Antonyms for cad:


Synonyms for cad:

Sense 1

prodigal, rascal, son of a gun, oaf, misogynist.

Sense 2

varlet, pup.

Sense 3


Sense 4


computer-aided design

Computer Aided Design.



Other synonyms and related words:

chuff, snake, churl, jerk, villain, clown, rascal, sleaze, cur, buzzard, dog-iron, hotdog, frank, prodigal, swine, domestic dog, varlet, joker, frankfurter, frump, hound dog, louse, click, dirtbag, andiron, rotter, crumb, pawl, scuzzball, scum, wienerwurst, firedog, misogynist, bleeder, lout, sleazebag, so-and-so, stinker, rogue, detent, bugger, pup, creep, slob, boor, fink, scumbag, leaper, blighter, beast, Stinkard, rat, crud, cretin, wiener, toad, schmuck, skunk, reptile, varmint, sleazeball, vermin.

Sense 2 (noun)

villain, son of a gun, misogynist, pup, prodigal, rogue.

bad person (noun)


cad (noun)

hound, Computer Aided Design, blackguard, dog, bounder, heel.

lout (noun)

slob, lout.

rogue (noun)

rascal, boor.

sly, dastardly person (noun)

bounder, creep, boor, rascal, dog, stinker, rat, rotter, heel, cur, lout, louse, clown.

Usage examples for cad:

  • The editor of that paper is a cad! - "Counsel for the Defense", Leroy Scott.
  • You'd marry that cad- Nichols! - "Whispering Wires", Henry Leverage.
  • Therefore I must be a cad. - "The Crack of Doom", Robert Cromie.

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