Pronunciation of Cardinal
/kˈɑːdɪnə͡l/, /kˈɑːdɪnə‍l/, /k_ˈɑː_d_ɪ_n_əl/

Antonyms for cardinal:

unimportant, ordinal.

Synonyms for cardinal:



Cardinalis cardinalis

Cardinalis Cardinalis.













Sense 1

cloth, the Archbishop of Canterbury, archbishopric, dean, premier, monsignor, nuncio, moderator, inquisitor, high priest, dominican, the holy see, parson, chaplaincy, Reverend Mother, churchwarden, eminence, fr, priesthood, rev, Episcopacy, elder, pastoral, sexton, padre, ministry, episcopal, MGR, man of God, SJ, Predicant, Mother Teresa, patriarch, clergy, MSGR, bishopric, principal, the Inquisition, provost, jesuit, churchman, chapter, deacon, man of the cloth, suffragan, mother superior, high priestess, deaconess, clerical, priestly.

Sense 2

foremost, primate, leading, main, cape, paramount, primary, order.

Sense 3


Sense 4

prime, first.













Other synonyms and related words:

xxiii, twenty-two, forty-five, liii, cloth, scarlet, fifty-five, aboriginal, big, xcl, important, twelve, major, thirty-two, ninety-two, cardinal grosbeak, xciii, forty-four, eighty-six, primal, xix, inquisitor, xxv, lxi, suffragan, cxxx, xvii, five, seventy-four, forty-one, cxxv, prime, central, xlviii, seventy-eight, sixty-three, xli, padre, churchman, thirty-five, eighty-eight, xlvii, master, lvi, capital, lxxi, billion, lxxvii, D, seventy-two, lxvii, xlvi, seventy-nine, lxxviii, ninety, ilxxx, fifty-four, eighty-five, forty-nine, trillion, clx, lxxii, seventy-three, forty-six, supreme, nine, hundred, ninety-seven, sixty-six, xxxviii, thirty-four, thirty-nine, patriarch, sixty, xiii, lxxxvi, twenty-nine, sixty-one, xcvii, lxviii, xl, of import, eminence, xxix, thirteen, sovereign, lxx, primaeval, elder, grand, ix, eighty-four, cardinal number, eighty-nine, sixty-two, fifty-one, great, scarlet tanager, preeminent, ane, forty-two, ninety-five, nineteen, ilxx, sixty-five, iii, xcii, primordial, ii, necessary, lxv, xcvi, clxx, underlying, carmine, sixteen, xxvii, viii, xi, fifty-three, eighty, ninety-nine, C, fifty-eight, ninety-three, cxxxv, lxxxviii, xxiv, dominant, seventy-seven, cv, lxxv, ninety-eight, xxxiv, primary, priestly, clergy, one, fifty-seven, eighty-seven, seventy, eight, xxi, zero, ten, vii, cape, priesthood, twoscore, overbearing, sixty-eight, twenty-six, number one, forty-seven, firebird, overriding, cx, ccc, xlv, lxxvi, lxvi, twenty-eight, predominant, ninety-six, primeval, cc, ninety-one, lxxiv, seventy-one, xxii, lii, V, il, lxxxvii, xxxv, cxlv, xlii, xxxvi, clxxv, ic, fourteen, thirty-three, thirty-eight, zillion, thirty-six, eighty-one, xciv, dozen, eighty-three, rudimentary, seventeen, order, X, xiv, xxxvii, threescore, xx, lviii, M, first, lxxxiii, lxxiii, dean, arch, xvi, xxxii, xliv, thirty, clv, overmastering, lxiv, xii, ci, twenty, clxxx, thirty-one, principal, primate, thousand, pastoral, high priest, li, foremost, twenty-three, main, lvii, bishopric, archbishopric, iv, lxii, forty-eight, thirty-seven, xc, cxx, paramount, xliii, eleven, fifty-nine, seventy-five, sixty-four, ixc, fourscore, xci, twenty-four, twenty-seven, cxv, forty-niner, three, fifty-two, fifteen, fifty, seventy-six, lxxxiv, cxl, lxxx, ninety-four, clxv, lxiii, K, Episcopacy, lxxxi, liv, xviii, cl, ministry, ixl, lxxxii, profound, seven, fr, moderator, xcviii, L, two, provost, forty-three, ilx, fundamental, forty, greatest, eighty-two, xcv, xv, four, xxxi, lv, six, cd, leading, sixty-seven, key, lxxxv, sixty-nine, premier, twenty-one, vi, lx, pontiff, chief, eighteen, million, xxvi, fifty-six, xxviii, xxxiii, twenty-five.

all (adjective)

fundamental, central, key, primal.

important, key (adjective)

main, principal, fundamental, greatest, paramount, leading, overriding, central, prime, chief, preeminent, first, foremost, primary.

red (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

chief, primary, leading, major, premier, main, bishopric, first, number one, capital, principal, the Archbishop of Canterbury, paramount, foremost, prime, archbishopric.

bird (noun)

sea gull, jay, pheasant, plover, waxwing, loon, condor, bald eagle, goose, parrot, parakeet, teal, bittern, grouse, wren, puffin, nuthatch, redwing, penguin, pigeon, songbird, ibis, vulture, magpie, osprey, mallard, finch, sparrow, quetzal, woodpecker, jackdaw, mourning dove, bluebird, ostrich, curlew, kingfisher, cockatoo, lark, canary, cormorant, macaw, barn owl, grackle, sheldrake, partridge, dove, swan, hummingbird, goldfinch, oriole, egret, crow, ringtail, crested jay, cassowary, nightingale, pelican, albatross, spoonbill, chickadee, lovebird, raven, bird, sandpiper, emu, hawk, yellowbird, robin, flamingo, owl, snipe, blue jay, buzzard, bluebill, swift, squab, weaver, blackbird, thrush, rook, turtledove, heron, starling, coot, dodo, tern, bullfinch, peacock, duck, myna, stork, gull, falcon, eagle, booby, turkey, mockingbird, grosbeak, peregrine, horned owl, cuckoo, crane, road runner, Canada Goose, redbird, harrier.

cardinal (noun)

lxxxv, xcvii, xviii, xi, ixc, fourteen, lvii, viii, ten thousand, cxv, xliii, forty-nine, liv, dozen, sixty, a thousand, twenty-four, twenty, carmine, eighty-eight, one hundred fifty-five, lxxxviii, hundred thousand, one hundred twenty-five, ilxx, twenty-nine, one thousand, central, xxvi, important, iii, ninety-four, key, cxx, lxvii, forty-eight, seventy-seven, xl, trillion, seventy-five, thirty-nine, lxxii, ane, ci, eight, forty-three, seventy-eight, thousand, lxxx, sixty-nine, ninety-six, fifty-six, eighty-seven, one hundred twenty, cardinal number, eighty-five, fifty-one, ninety-eight, xvii, lxxxii, twenty-six, forty-seven, one hundred fifteen, one hundred one, forty-six, il, fundamental, eighty-three, xxi, lii, V, twenty-seven, xxix, lvi, eighteen, ixl, xxxii, thirty-three, seventy-one, ninety, one hundred, seventy-two, clx, ii, cv, lv, one, fifty-nine, cxxv, seventy, million, lxxxi, L, fourscore, fifty, nine, one hundred thirty-five, five hundred, lxxiv, eleven, a zillion, one hundred ninety, hundred, twenty-five, lxv, a hundred, lxxxiii, ninety-nine, thirty-eight, fifty-five, clv, clxx, lxiii, liii, lxxiii, six, two, ninety-three, sixty-six, xc, xcv, eighty, lxi, lxii, forty-two, xlvii, xxv, xciv, clxv, lxxv, xciii, cc, three hundred, one hundred thirty, xci, lxxxvii, Richmondena Cardinalis, lxiv, fifty-two, seventy-nine, xxxiv, one hundred forty, xlii, a billion, K, clxxx, sixty-three, one hundred seventy-five, thirty-one, of import, twenty-two, eighty-nine, thirty-five, lxxxvi, xcl, clxxv, one hundred sixty, zillion, xiv, cxxxv, lx, vi, lxvi, four hundred, twenty-three, seven, xxiii, lxxvii, hundred and one, eighty-two, half a dozen, forty-five, sixty-two, cxl, twoscore, five, ilxxx, a hundred and one, xxxvii, xxxiii, ten, one hundred fifty, seventy-three, ninety-one, seventeen, sixty-seven, twenty-eight, zero, one hundred seventy, lxxvi, sixty-four, xliv, cd, thirteen, four, fifty-four, threescore, nineteen, cxxx, xv, lxviii, seventy-six, xlvi, xli, sixteen, xiii, cl, C, forty-one, ilx, three, xxiv, xix, xlviii, a hundred thousand, eighty-one, billion, xxviii, ix, one hundred sixty-five, Cardinalis Cardinalis, ic, forty-four, fifty-seven, thirty-four, a million, ninety-seven, ninety-two, lviii, cxlv, cardinal grosbeak, fifty-eight, eighty-four, sixty-one, xxxi, twelve, lxxviii, vii, fifty-three, xii, xx, forty, one hundred eighty, li, X, primal, lxxxiv, eighty-six, xcii, cx, one hundred five, xvi, thirty-six, M, ccc, xcvi, fifteen, sixty-eight, xlv, D, twenty-one, sixty-five, half dozen, xxxviii, thirty-seven, iv, xxxvi, one hundred ten, xcviii, xxii, two hundred, xxvii, ninety-five, one hundred forty-five, thirty-two, thirty, lxxi, xxxv, redbird, lxx, seventy-four, a trillion.

clergy (noun)

abbot, reverend, bishop, pilgrim, chaplain, evangelist, canon, preacher, curate, archbishop, clergyman, prelate, archpriest, pastor, rector, novice, vicar, nun, monk, pope, father, cleric, friar, archdeacon, priest, abbess, missionary, sister, ecclesiastic, prioress, Canoness, minister, prior, brother.

primate (noun)

suffragan, archpriest.

red (noun)


Usage examples for cardinal:

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