Pronunciation of Catch
/kˈat͡ʃ/, /kˈat‍ʃ/, /k_ˈa_tʃ/

Antonyms for catch:

misunderstand, advantage, misinterpret, refuse, give.

Synonyms for catch:

Sense 1

professional foul, drive away, baste, combination lock, patch up, feint, burn out, convince, stitch up, desensitize, biff, whop, succumb, anesthetize, swab, marbles, penalty kick, sear, dodge ball, char, free kick, pierce, fasten, mortise lock, keyhole, diffusion, lead to, irrigate, Mr. Right, stagnate, flood out, I-spy, freshen, cauterize, Ms. Right, hide-and-seek, stalk, put under, bring back, waver, spatter, detrain, fair play, swim, harbor, stir up, engulf, Tig, monkey-in-the-middle, sensitize, hopscotch, Mishear, lobotomize, difficulty, double date, immunize, dehydrate, embark, olfactory, cat's cradle, wash away, goal-kick, handball, disembark, ground out, dead bolt, partner up, sough, refract, interference, sack race, glug, brass ring, catch at, incise, ail, bunt, splatter, half volley, reflect on, turn against, reform, header, irradiate, afflict, sandwich between, catheterize, relapse, invigorate, go down with, eternal triangle, cast up, blind man's buff, follow-the-leader, implant, home base, scrub up, burn up, jacks, sterilize, dropkick, throw, include, harden, ice down, come out in, hallucinate, eddy, flare off, espy, incubate, peekaboo, bleed, resuscitate, bandage, palpate, puff up, pinch-hit, sedate, grab at, bop, froth, deplane, banish, fit in.

Sense 2

deadlock, invade, content, trammel, Double Dutch, crack-up, glimpse, ignite, sluice, valentine, sicken, reset, rehabilitate, eligible, subvert, accommodate, reflective, probe, one-night stand, grasp at, detect, meander, kickoff, spin, bank up, atrophy, lance, melt, slosh, musical chairs, kindle, cleanse, pain, stub, kickball, inform, palate, enmesh, disgorge, sock, whack, read, bias, ball, fathom, prejudice, stabilize, color, dress up, walk into, dull, step out, bounce off, one-two, ensnarl, prop up, backhand, stoke, smolder, joker, descry, bypass, put off, dress, see around, power play, smite, warp, heal, decide, house, wallop, thwack, lockdown, knock, ennoble, leapfrog, reflect, flicker, keep away, alienate, bat, gamer, hop, burst into, soak in, subside.

Sense 3

inspire, glow, flame, pour, gust, veer, ebb, plum, fade, open up, slam, life, run up, massage, ken, steal, puncture, spy, throw in, follow through, bathe, seethe, conk, moor, slug, excite, drip feed, knock out, chaperon, discern, manipulate, trickle, squirt, smoke, set piece, rave, seizure, skew, SEE-IN, pop up, wash up, hold up, conquest, siphon, detox, present, pick out.

Sense 4

empty, gutter, slice, lodge, claw, volley, blaze, clout, clock, alight, maze, slop, HIT, triple, pop, wham, modulate, board, bash, retire, punt, tape, smash, cut down, slog, swill, feed, tackle, stir, plant, delivery, pump, Onto, offense, balk, dive, tumble, spill, retake, flank, chicken, dip into, lap, chip, fit.

Sense 5

flow, dribble, conceive, strike, bump, test, fumble, possession, crest, ruffle, fan, run off, sacrifice, grasp, dummy, off, spout, transfer, change, focus, kick, gush, wash, sniff.

Sense 6

howl, overflow, get on, get off, scan, travel, scent, talk, strike out, stream, sight, rally, deepen, put out, bend, drip, ripple.

Sense 7

channel, filter, spray, web, dash, burst, drain, wind up, smell, get up, operate, pickup, strengthen.

Sense 8

cross, on, bang, serve, blast, single, rest, lash, screen, come in, game, splash, dig, go up, accept.

Sense 9

fly, walk, spot, section, course.

Sense 10

lay, tag, rush, play, flood.

Sense 11

burn, taste, bear, blow, return, guide.

Sense 12


Sense 13

light, well.

Sense 14

close, set, roll, pitch, carry.

Sense 15

double, turn.

Sense 16


Sense 19

rise, stand.

Sense 20


Sense 23


Sense 31



pick up.




net, occupy.

cut off







pick out.


suck in.


leash, roping.

give back





watch out, watch over.








overtake, catch up with or to.


pick up.


gather up, overtake.


take in.



trip up


Other synonyms and related words:

contract, catch up with, catch on, see, blaze, seizure, feint, lodge, catch up, nip, conquest, overhaul, overtake, find, conceive, grasp, plum, stick, burn, device, gimmick, flame, come down with, pass.

Sense 1 (noun)

plum, jewel, gem, game.

Sense 2 (noun)

fit, include, accommodate, conquest, house, harbor.

Sense 3 (noun)

pickup, go down with, afflict, invade, come down with, seizure.

Sense 4 (noun)

joker, talk, difficulty.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

pick out, recognize, clutch.

Sense 8 (noun)

embark, nip, change, off, strike, on, transfer, get on, deplane.

Sense 10 (noun)


Sense 11 (noun)

fasten, moor.

Sense 12 (noun)

blast, cross, backhand, delivery, dribble, dive, lodge, chip, ball.

Sense 14 (noun)

pop, knock, slug, walk into, bang, whack, wham, thwack, conk, biff, slog, wallop, bop, smash, stub, bash, smite, clout, sock, whop, slam, bump.

Sense 15 (noun)

flame, blaze, ignite, go up, burn, kindle, sicken, light.

Sense 16 (noun)

dig, conceive, fathom, accept, read, ken, comprehend, make out, twig, grasp.

Sense 17 (noun)

fade, flood, bathe, focus, reflect, play, waver, filter, bend.

Sense 18 (noun)

support, prop up, hold up, bear.

Sense 19 (noun)


Sense 20 (noun)

Double Dutch, cat's cradle, hide-and-seek, dress up, chicken, blind man's buff, follow-the-leader, dodge ball.

Sense 21 (noun)

dead bolt, keyhole, deadlock, combination lock.

Sense 22 (noun)

channel, course, break, crest, deepen, dash, cast up, come in, burst.

Sense 25 (noun)


Sense 27 (noun)

fumble, grasp at, claw, dip into, grab at, catch at.

Sense 29 (noun)


Sense 30 (noun)

lay, Mr. Right, chaperon, eligible, eternal triangle, double date.

acquisition (noun)

addition, accumulation, appropriation, annexation, acquisition, assumption, procurement, collection.

attribute (noun)


blemish (noun)


booty (noun)

haul, plunder, booty, prize, Boodle, swag, spoils, loot, graft.

catch on (noun)

follow, take in, comprehend, fathom, understand, grasp.

deception (noun)


decoy (noun)

decoy, trap, deception, trick, blind, bait, mirage.

discovery (noun)


fastener (noun)

clip, nail, coupling, medium, mediator, bond, lace, bonding, agent, cleat, fuse, mucilage, rivet, zipper, braid, stay, closure, rabbet, fastening, brace, belt, glue, hasp, hook, pin, knitting, guy, snap, clinch, twine, strap, go-between, band, binding, bolt, connector, weld, hitch, staple, tie, paste, link, string, vise, seal, hawser, anchor, Vinculum, cincture, stitch, button, clasp, spike, hinge, skewer, bracket, clamp, buckle, binder, middleman, cinch, grapnel, splice, suture, fastener, lock, cotter, ligament, latch, chain, cement, tack, knot, brad, thread.

grip (noun)


handle (noun)


hindrance (noun)

deterrent, blockade, congestion, entanglement, drawback, hindrance, damper, entrapment, impasse, obstacle, bafflement, constipation, obstruction, disadvantage, frustration, restraint, complication, inhibition, interruption, constraint, impediment, hurdle, resistance, barrier, opposition, encumbrance, restriction, stoppage, blockage, impedance.

limit (noun)


person (noun)


qualification (noun)

exception, provision, condition, modification, allowance, reservation, stipulation, limitation, proviso, qualification, mitigation.

quantity (noun)


take (noun)


trick, hidden disadvantage (noun)

drawback, deception, puzzle, hitch, decoy, snag, catch-22, trap.

trophy (noun)

keepsake, remembrance, souvenir, marker, monument, wreath, plaque, favor, testimonial, memorial, trophy, crown, memento, cup, ribbon, commemoration, treasure, garland, memorabilia, laurel.

capture (verb)

capture, occupy, achieve, snare, apprehend, take, secure, obtain, seize, arrest, gain, win, collar, get, abduct.

come from behind and grab (verb)

make, pass, overtake, overhaul, board.

contact (verb)


contract (verb)

come down with.

creation (verb)


ensnare, apprehend (verb)

collar, nail, secure, entangle, grip, take hold of, nab, claw, seize, grasp, take, bag, entrap, capture, net, arrest, snare, clutch, grab, cop.

fasten (verb)


find out, discover (verb)

spot, encounter, detect, descry.

hear and understand (verb)

discern, comprehend, follow, accept, understand, recognize, apprehend, see, take in, perceive.

perception (verb)

get, pick up.

pursue (verb)

track down.

take (verb)

deprive, collect, grab, harvest, levy, impound, reap, annex, acquire, gather, confiscate, bag, procure, nab, commandeer, usurp, monopolize, amass, appropriate.

Usage examples for catch:

  • The Kiowas will not catch him. - "Three Sioux Scouts", Elmer Russell Gregor.
  • Maybe we can catch him at his home! - "The Clock Strikes Thirteen", Mildred A. Wirt.
  • Then they should come up here and catch them. - "Steve Young", George Manville Fenn.

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