Pronunciation of Chromatic
/kɹə͡ʊmˈatɪk/, /kɹə‍ʊmˈatɪk/, /k_ɹ_əʊ_m_ˈa_t_ɪ_k/

Synonyms for chromatic:

Sense 1

hue, color scheme, secondary color, grayscale, primary color, greyscale.

Sense 2

technicolor, tonality, discoloration.

Sense 3

coloring, spectrum.

Sense 4

darkness, minor.

Sense 7

major, tonic.

Sense 9

depth, shade, color.

Sense 10


Sense 16


Sense 18


Sense 20


Sense 23



Bottle green.


canary yellow.


jade green.


Light Green.


olive drab.


peacock blue.


Sea green.


yellow green.

Other synonyms and related words:

blood-red, blue-green, darkness, reddish, golden, green, dark-green, brown, prismatic, purplish red, variegated, brownish, mosstone, vermilion, musciform, multicolored, varicolored, pinkish, yellowish, chestnut, caramel brown, rust, cress green, cerulean, minor, mosslike, orange, earthlike, gold, watercress, snuff, jade, ultramarine, stone, lavender, shade, coral, pink, olive, sage, cherry, ochre, bluish, mauve, coppery, cinnabar, bright blue, roseate, caramel, ruby, kaleidoscopic, sky-blue, bronzy, tonic, honey, copper colored, dark-brown, olive brown, sorrel, magenta, polychrome, moss green, canary, major, azure, brownish-red, sapphire, tawny, scarlet, bronze, yellow, polychromatic, purplish, chukker-brown, cerise, maroon, avocado, various, ruddy, mossy, russet, motley, sage green, coloring, orangish, tangerine, amber, crimson, varied, carmine, aureate, chinese-red, sharp, light-blue, xanthous, snuff-brown, yellow-brown, blueish, cresson, mouselike, blae, amethyst, violet, dark blue, flat, fuscous, tannish, mummy-brown, depth, discoloration, reddish orange, taupe, carnation, brownish-orange, red, brownish yellow, greenish, ruby-red, umber, chartreuse, rosy, mousy, rusty, beige, tone, gilt, blue, lilac, purple, color, cyan, hazel, blushful, bluish green, buff, rose-red, dun, flash, cherry red, vermillion, multihued, straw, teal, mouse-colored, gilded, ocher, tan, rosaceous, red carpet, rainbow, rose, pea green, khaki.

colorful (adjective)

gaudy, dyed, tinted, colored, inky, motley, garish, hued, multicolored, colorful, bright-hued, vivid, shaded, florid, prismatic, rich, rainbow-like, lurid, kaleidoscopic, full-colored, stained, intense, painted, High-colored, spectral, variegated, brilliant.

Sense 1 (noun)

flat, diatonic, tonic, major, sharp, minor.

Sense 2 (noun)

color scheme, flash, discoloration, coloring, color, darkness, depth.

chromatic (noun)

cherry, yellow, ultramarine, blood-red, blueish, coral, azure, brownish-red, carmine, violet, jade, tan, gilded, cherry red, light-blue, pinkish, cress green, mosstone, bronzy, sage, brownish, stone, rusty, caramel brown, coppery, straw, scarlet, greenish, dark-green, dun, chukker-brown, gilt, umber, copper colored, cinnabar, honey, blae, Sea green, amethyst, yellow green, mossy, brownish yellow, fuscous, bronze, chinese-red, ochre, snuff-brown, taupe, bluish green, dark blue, ruby, mosslike, brownish-orange, musciform, mousy, olive, golden, lavender, beige, crimson, sky-blue, olive brown, powder blue, rosaceous, sorrel, xanthous, avocado, cyan, rose, maroon, canary, orangish, vermillion, reddish, Light Green, purple, gold, pink, caramel, tannish, blue-green, russet, cerise, earthlike, rose-red, rosy, blue, snuff, teal, amber, dark-brown, ruby-red, jade green, cresson, mauve, roseate, canary yellow, moss green, chartreuse, khaki, tawny, bluish, brown, green, pea green, bright blue, yellow-brown, aureate, orange, vermilion, magenta, olive drab, lilac, Bottle green, peacock blue, carnation, buff, mouse-colored, yellowish, ocher, blushful, hazel, purplish, watercress, red, ruddy, sapphire, tangerine, mouselike, cerulean, mummy-brown, rust, sage green.

Usage examples for chromatic:

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