Pronunciation of Clog
/klˈɒɡ/, /klˈɒɡ/, /k_l_ˈɒ_ɡ/

Antonyms for clog:

unclog, unblock, advantage, Unstop.

Synonyms for clog:

Sense 1

overshoe, snowshoe, sanitation, standpipe, hobnailed boot, waste pipe, gutter, outfall, sanitary, slingback, conduit, lace-ups, rollerblade, sewerage, galoshes, sneaker, Weejuns, cowboy boots, downspout, training shoe, pipework, thong, sewer, hobble, sewage, slipper, tennis shoe, drainage, Brogues, Doc Martens, sluice, faucet, stop up, espadrille, deck shoe, loafer, stopcock, mukluks, drainpipe, sandal, main, S-curve, jackboot, water main, septic tank, pipeline, oxford, trainers, outflow, running water, high heels, interconnector, desert boot, ducting, Birkenstock, tackie, takkie, lagoon, stiletto, wellie, sump, kitten heels, roller skate, spigot, plumbing, moccasin, cesspit, culvert, wellington, pipe.

Sense 2

clodhopper, cleat, barricade, crosstrainer, plunge, slip on, outlet, water pipe, duct, cutoff, wingtip, waterworks, airlock, tube.

Sense 3

fill, mule, drain, plumb, freeze, skate, pump, flip-flop, close.

Sense 4

boot, heel, water, platform.

Sense 5

tap, wall, slide.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 19








stop up




Other synonyms and related words:

conk, airlock, back off, stumbling block, curdle, mule, choke down, bind, incubus, pollute, buy the farm, slipper, overcharge, choke off, outlet, surcharge, befoul, sandal, main, barricade, clog dance, embarrass, pop off, conduit, lagoon, skate, shoe, pass, spike, plumb, Holdback, culvert, tie up, chain, cargo, hobble, espadrille, wooden shoe, slingback, shackle, let, fill, manacle, go, asphyxiate, drainage, contaminate, back, interference, wingtip, pump, patten, plumbing, die, stop up, crosstrainer, snowshoe, trainers, moccasin, sanitation, perish, sabot, clog up, traverse, flat, cleat, trammel, boot, Brogues, strangle, water, decease, balk, foil, difficulty, prevent, maculate, stymie, kick the bucket, back down, Birkenstock, suffocate, geta, faucet, stiletto, coagulate, clot, tube, close, snuff it, plunge, wall, choke back, galoshes, clabber, spigot, clog dancing, load, flip-flop, stifle, loafer, back up, overload.

Sense 3 (noun)

boot, Brogues, Birkenstock, cowboy boots, crosstrainer, deck shoe, desert boot.

artifact (noun)

patten, sabot, geta.

blockage (noun)

impedance, bar, hindrance, impediment, encumbrance, obstruction, snag, block, drag, blockade, burden.

clog (noun)

clog dance, choke off, choke, patten, congest, overload, clot, foul, clog up, clog dancing, sabot, geta, back up, constipate.

dance (noun)

shuffle, lambada, hula, charleston, turkey trot, conga, dance, one-step, minuet, moonwalk, jig, tango, shimmy, marengue, mambo, allemande, hootchy-kootchy, can-can, fandango, beguine, mazurka, tap dance, cakewalk, jitterbug, two-step, highland fling, square dance, polonaise, tarantella, cotillion, samba, bolero, Galliard, waltz, hornpipe, gavotte, cha-cha, quadrille, polka, twist, courante, fox-trot, rumba, reel.

footwear (noun)


hindrance (noun)

damper, barrier, constraint, hindrance, deterrent, impedance, obstruction, opposition, bafflement, congestion, interruption, impediment, frustration, encumbrance, drawback, hurdle, inhibition, restriction, disadvantage, entanglement, blockade, stoppage, obstacle, resistance, complication, constipation, entrapment, impasse, blockage, restraint.

shoe (noun)

cowboy boots, slipper, wingtip, tennis shoe.

slipper (noun)


stop up (noun)


block, hinder (verb)

hamper, shackle, curb, trammel, close, choke, plug, fetter, obstruct, jam, stop up, congest, impede, encumber, fill.

contact (verb)

choke off, foul, choke, clog up, congest, back up.

hinder (verb)

interrupt, frustrate, oppose, complicate, hamper, deter, stop, constipate, handicap, mire, resist, dam, baffle, encumber, catch, thwart, fetter, hamstring, tangle, paralyze, inhibit, detain, check, impede, drag, burden, obstruct, cripple, snarl, curb, bottleneck, restrain, snag, jam, brake, entangle, plug, counter, constrain, restrict, block, bar, hinder, crimp, bung, foul, congest, choke, entrap, cramp, delay, impair, stay.

Usage examples for clog:

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