Pronunciation of Competitor
/kəmpˈɛtɪtə/, /kəmpˈɛtɪtə/, /k_ə_m_p_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_t_ə/

Antonyms for competitor:


Synonyms for competitor:

Sense 1

loser, olympian, favourite, nomination, nominee, Corrival, shoo-in, underdog, diver, pushover, hot favorite, all-comers, runner-up, favorite, entrant, teammate.

Sense 2

outsider, starter, qualifier, protagonist.

Sense 4




Other synonyms and related words:

contention, diver, athlete, favourite, entrant, competition, nominee, outsider, qualifier, challenger, contest, rivalry, contender, pushover, favorite, Corrival, runner-up, all-comers, nomination, field.

Sense 2 (noun)

favorite, all-comers, Corrival, field, entrant, favourite.

combatant (noun)

enemy, mercenary, struggler, militant, bruiser, battler, opponent, soldier, pugilist, warrior, bully, assailant, combatant, quarreler, swordsman, brawler, tough, foe, man-at-arms, thug, rioter, duelist, contestant, antagonist, Jouster, rival, fighter, gladiator, adversary.

competitor (noun)

challenger, rival, contender, competition.

enemy (noun)

savage, Archenemy, sectarian, Sectary, opposition, unfriendly, sanguinary, opposite, shrew, invader, attacker.

opponent (noun)

assaulter, foil, disputant, opposer, villain.

person willing to enter contest (noun)

competition, antagonist, favorite, opponent, rival, adversary, challenger, opposition, contestant.

petitioner (noun)

bidder, claimant, candidate, applicant, communicant, suitor, aspirant, hopeful, seeker, petitioner.

Usage examples for competitor:

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