Pronunciation of Composed
/kəmpˈə͡ʊzd/, /kəmpˈə‍ʊzd/, /k_ə_m_p_ˈəʊ_z_d/

Synonyms for composed:

Sense 1

Cool-headed, coolly, patient, laid-back, phlegmatic, docile, undismayed, unfazed, equable, happy-go-lucky.

Sense 2

possessed, rock-steady, chilled.

Sense 3

easily, happy, careless.

Sense 4

even, informal, downbeat.

Sense 6


Sense 7

casual, comfortable.







Other synonyms and related words:

happy, self-contained, together, unflustered, laid-back, easily, equanimous, mellow, even, self-collected, Cool-headed, happy-go-lucky, poised, unperturbed, patient, downbeat, possessed, equable, unworried, smooth, informal, self-possessed, painted, philosophical, untroubled, coolheaded, clearheaded, nerveless, level, unfazed, docile, rock-steady, unflurried, phlegmatic, casual, unimpassioned, comfortable, Recollected.

calm (adjective)

calm, collected, even-tempered, quiet, pacific, cool, still, serene, moderate, mild, peaceful, tranquil, placid, level-headed, relaxed, sedate, undisturbed, self-possessed, unruffled, easygoing.

calm, collected (adjective)

nonchalant, imperturbable, cool, serene, easygoing, together, untroubled, easy, poised, placid, possessed, unruffled, sedate, self-possessed, clearheaded, temperate, dispassionate, Quieted, relaxed, Soothed, Calmed, unflappable, tranquil, staid.

collected (adjective)

aggregate, grouped, banded, bunched, collected, assembled, assorted, collective.

composed (adjective)

formed, embodied, combined, Compiled, constituted, included, fabricated, Constructed, invented, Embraced.

cool (adjective)


created (adjective)


included (adjective)

enmeshed, wedded, entangled, related, married, enveloped, included, Encompassed, integrated, incorporated, involved, embodied, Comprised.

moderate (adjective)

innocuous, easy, pacific, tranquil, moderate, soft, quiet, relaxed, calm, temperate, alleviated, restrained, gentle, soothing, subdued, cool.

prepared (adjective)

formulated, fabricated, Mobilized, Marshaled, Curried, developed, dressed, outfitted, readied, Drafted, Constructed, made, Devised, Fitted, fashioned, primed, prepared, equipped, furnished, fostered, arranged, warmed up.

reflective (adjective)


sober (adjective)


unexcitable (adjective)

impassive, unhurried, stoic, meek, staid, apathetic, placid, serene, detached, nonchalant, level-headed, stolid, stoical, deadpan, self-composed, unflappable, demure, moderate, easygoing, frigid, poker-faced, passionless, self-controlled, calm, reserved, dispassionate, cool, mild, numb, neutral, controlled, cold-blooded, aloof, inscrutable, tranquil, imperturbable, unexcitable, steady, even-tempered.

unperturbed (adjective)


written (adjective)

transcribed, written, recorded.

Sense 1 (noun)

chilled, laid-back.

Sense 2 (noun)

possessed, Cool-headed, even.

composed (noun)

coolheaded, self-contained, self-possessed, unflappable, self-collected, calm, unflurried, unperturbed, unflustered, collected, poised, combined, cool, imperturbable, nerveless, unruffled, equanimous.

calm (verb)


calmed (verb)

Allayed, Placated, appeased, Stilled, Lulled, sedated, quelled, Assuaged, Consoled.

collected (verb)

mixed, Aggregated.

combined (verb)

Concocted, amalgamated, incorporated, fused, Brewed, blended, Infused, Conglomerated, combined, compounded.

composed (verb)

Compiled, combined, included, formed, invented, constituted, Embraced, Constructed, embodied, fabricated.

created (verb)


included (verb)

entangled, married, incorporated, integrated, included, embodied, involved, Encompassed, wedded, Comprised, enmeshed, enveloped.

moderated (verb)

moderated, restrained, softened, Quieted, Abated, Calmed, Soothed, cooled, Pacified, eased, subdued, Tranquilized, alleviated, relaxed.

ordered (verb)

harmonized, framed, controlled, Collated, classified, arrayed, prepared, Classed, programmed, maintained, separated, scheduled, pigeonholed, systematized, sorted, Methodized, structured, Charted, Rated, regulated, placed, cast, Subordinated, typed, ranked, supported, unified, balanced, settled, normalized, Schemed, mediated, grouped, Devised, fixed, designed, rationalized, shaped, categorized, orchestrated, planned, stratified, adjusted, unsnarled, arranged, Screened, Marshalled, schematized, organized, integrated, formed, Sifted, plotted, established, ordered, graded, set, stabilized, Righted, Scored.

pacified (verb)

hushed, defused, smoothed, Ebbed, Mollified, reconciled, relieved, Conciliated.

prepared (verb)

formulated, Marshalled, dressed, primed, furnished, fashioned, Mobilized, warmed up, developed, Drafted, equipped, Fitted, Curried, prepared, made, outfitted, fostered, set, fabricated, arranged, readied, Constructed, Devised.

structured (verb)

built, constituted.

wrote (verb)

Corresponded, ghostwrote, rewritten, ghostwritten, rewrote, Wrote, portrayed.

Usage examples for composed:

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