Pronunciation of Consideration
/kənsˌɪdəɹˈe͡ɪʃən/, /kənsˌɪdəɹˈe‍ɪʃən/, /k_ə_n_s_ˌɪ_d_ə_ɹ_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for consideration:

disrespect, thoughtlessness.

Synonyms for consideration:

Sense 1

delicacy, discretion, abstraction, introspection, square deal, forgiveness, self-analysis, self-sacrifice, generosity, clemency, self-examination, courtesy, tlc, soul-searching, kindness, navel-gazing, advisement, mercy, largesse, discussion, altruism.

Sense 2

friendship, diplomacy, intensity, admiration, nonsense, fact, hospitality, liberality, rethink, warmth, particularity, self-study, indulgence, gestation.

Sense 3

motion, charity, logic, solicitude.

Sense 4

focus, induction, appreciation.

Sense 5

esteem, sensitivity.

Sense 6

look, quarter.

Sense 8









good nature.



Other synonyms and related words:

discretion, honour, reflexion, forgiveness, motion, amity, condition, delicacy, diplomacy, admiration, stipulation, courtesy, carefulness, good nature, remittance, requital, generosity, indulgence, soul-searching, introspection, look, honor, setting, solicitude, ground, altruism, reason, sensitivity, nonsense, motive, hospitality, advisement, comity, mark, status, fact, precondition, discussion, prudence, rumination, context, focus, esteem, thoughtfulness, quarter, judiciousness, abstraction, liberality, regard, self-analysis, good will, appreciation, friendship, experimental condition, pay, term, shape, navel-gazing, warmth, circumstance, favor, rethink, retainer, friendliness, particularity, considerateness, clemency, mercy, recompense, tenderness, charity, kindness, price, servant.

Sense 2 (noun)

courtesy, kindness.

Sense 3 (noun)

charity, motive, altruism, generosity, hospitality, liberality, warmth.

Sense 4 (noun)

introspection, soul-searching, focus.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

appreciation, honor, admiration.

Sense 9 (noun)

pay, recompense.

attention (noun)

caution, concentration, rapture, absorption, enrapture, regardfulness, notice, immersion, heedfulness, regard, watchfulness, scrutiny, concern, intentness, attentiveness, alertness, mindfulness, interest, observation, attention, entrancement, care, engrossment, fascination, diligence.

calculation (noun)

judgement, account, scheme, computation, enumeration, quantification, system, division, method, gauge, rank, guess, value, reckoning, determination, assessment, sum, statistics, deduction, presumption, algorithm, score, program, count, supposition, inference, plan, calculus, estimation, measurement, approximation, conclusion, mathematics, algebra, total, plot, schedule, triangulation, multiplication, valuation, tally, arithmetic.

cognition (noun)

circumstance, condition.

companionship (noun)


compensation (noun)

payment, remittance.

concern; something mentally examined (noun)

judgment, idea, point, notion, issue, problem, proposal, plan.

consideration (noun)

condition, circumstance, retainer, thoughtfulness, considerateness.

courtesy (noun)


generosity (noun)


good manners (noun)


high regard (noun)

kindness, favor, solicitude, heedfulness, concern, considerateness, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, estimation, esteem, mindfulness, mercy, friendliness.

idea (noun)

design, notion, ideation, conception, theory, vision, inkling, perception, image, brainstorm, inspiration.

intention (noun)

endeavor, expectation, agenda, idea, strategy, forethought, procedure, prospectus, goal, approach, proposal, choice, will, scenario, intention, wish, aim, policy, object, forecast, ambition.

judgement (noun)

mediation, decision, ruling, justice, adjudication, pronouncement, resolution, judgment, finding, verdict, arbitration, sentence.

justice (noun)


mental analysis (noun)

regard, discussion, thinking, reflection, cogitation, concentration, thought, attention, deliberation, contemplation, study, scrutiny, forethought.

payment (noun)

remuneration, recompense, tip, wage, reward.

respect (noun)


reward (noun)

carrot, bonus, gift, award, atonement, amends, stimulation, incentive, remuneration, lure, stipend, allowance, enticement, tip, compensation, treat, wage, honorarium, wages, bounty, gratuity, tribute, payment, sweetener, prize, sweepstakes, inducement, plum, grant, allotment, reward, temptation.

thought (noun)

lucubration, cogitation, envisioning, analysis, reasoning, cerebration, meditation, study, calculation, speculation, deliberation, brooding, evaluation, contemplation, Debating, imagination, musing, thought, preoccupation, appraisal, pondering, brain work, weighing, reflection, intellection, wistfulness, thinking, daydreaming.

topic (noun)

conjecture, axiom, query, question, statement, concept, theorem, topic, motif, hypothesis, premise, issue, dissertation, problem, point, exposition, matter, theme, argument, belief, basis, essay, opinion, text, position, contention, subject, postulation, principle, thesis, assertion, assumption, paradigm.

Usage examples for consideration:

  • 7, which, in this way, was brought in and connected with the passage under consideration. - "Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions. Vol. 2", Ernst Hengstenberg.
  • Let me lead you to a consideration of it. - "Our Unitarian Gospel", Minot Savage.
  • Not for any consideration could she at that moment have raised her eyes. - "Kitty Trenire", Mabel Quiller-Couch.

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