Pronunciation of Crimson
/kɹˈɪmsən/, /kɹˈɪmsən/, /k_ɹ_ˈɪ_m_s_ə_n/

Antonyms for crimson:

bloodless, uncolored, achromatic.

Synonyms for crimson:

Sense 1


Sense 3

mantle, glow.

Other synonyms and related words:

red carpet, fierce, colored, blood-red, rubicund, coloured, colorful, glow, red-faced, bloody, tearing, chromatic, even, vehement, rose-cheeked, rosy-cheeked, flush, purge, scour, mantle, wild, rosy, ruby-red, redden, reddish orange, cherry red, violent, aflame, reddish, sanguine, even out, deep red, reddened, blush.

all (adjective)

violent, red.

red (adjective)

madder, blushing, carnation, damask, pink, puce, ruby, flushed, red, ruddy, magenta, brick, copper, cerise, carmine, cinnabar, scarlet, cherry, vermilion, maroon, wine-colored, poppy.

Sense 2 (noun)

mantle, glow.

attribute (noun)

ruby, deep red.

crimson (noun)

reddened, red, blush, carmine, blood-red, deep red, bloody, redden, ruby, cerise, ruddy, scarlet, violent, reddish, flushed, in color, red-faced, chromatic, flush, cherry, colored, cherry red, ruby-red, coloured, colorful, aflame.

red (noun)

magenta, blush, carmine, redden, copper, puce, scarlet, ruby, maroon, bloody.

red (noun, adjective)


Usage examples for crimson:

  • She held up the crimson sweater before him. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  • He paused and glanced over his shoulder at the crimson horizon. - "Ailsa Paige", Robert W. Chambers.
  • 8 and 14, but in this case the colour is yellow instead of crimson or blue. - "Thought-Forms", Annie Besant C.W. Leadbeater.

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