Pronunciation of Dairy
/dˈe͡əɹi/, /dˈe‍əɹi/, /d_ˈeə_ɹ_i/

Synonyms for dairy:


bar mitzvah, menorah, chief rabbi, kosher, prophet, hanukkah, bat mitzvah, jewish, the Ark of the Covenant, pharisee, fall, tabernacle, jewry, pesach, judaism, Rosh Hashanah, mosaic, rabbinical, the Sabbath, bible, the Holocaust, jew, shavuot, the Torah, Star Of David, shofar, pentecost, high holy day, gentile, the Shoah, yarmulke, skullcap, the Talmud, jewess, rabbi, Yom Kippur, hebrew, passover.

Sense 1

seafood, aviary, brooder, fish farm, novel food, convenience food, milking parlor, pigpen, piggery, farmstead, manure, munchies, non-vegetarian, doghouse, stabling, sheep dip, coop, fast food, soul food, pap, stockyard, staple diet, nutraceutical, aphrodisiac, slow food, baby food, macrobiotic, shearing, slop, Dry goods, hive, Dutch barn, superfood, junk food, cattle prod, health food, barn, iron rations, manger, cowshed, Frankenfood, farmhouse, cow town, comfort food, non-dairy, factory farm.

Sense 2

lasso, shear, carbohydrate, prod, pasture, nosering, kennel, sty, vegetable, savory, lariat, ox, garnish, meat, farm, delicacy, husbandry, confectionery, fatten, goodies, veggie, nibble.

Sense 3

rope, corral, produce, trough, winter, ranch, stable, herd, creole.

Sense 4

staple, crate, brand, graze, milk.

Sense 5

pen, crook.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8

dip, stall, base.

Sense 12


Sense 15


Sense 17


Other synonyms and related words:

pap, rabbi, produce, farmstead, milk, brooder, crook, manure, delicacy, munchies, tabernacle, rabbinical, savory, corral, nosering, cowshed, dip, rope, creole, garnish, jew, farm, graze, jewess, litter, brand, seafood, farmhouse, crate, sty, barn, menorah, vegetable, hanukkah, kennel, pen, fall, doghouse, drive, coop, staple, stockyard, macrobiotic, yarmulke, stock, bible, herd, aphrodisiac, base, nibble, aviary, dairy farm, confectionery, pasture, carbohydrate, husbandry, winter, trough, gentile.

Judaism (noun)

the Ark of the Covenant, bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah, gentile, chief rabbi.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

carbohydrate, comfort food, baby food, convenience food, confectionery, base, aphrodisiac, creole.

Sense 4 (noun)

doghouse, aviary, coop, farmstead, Dutch barn, cowshed, farmhouse, brooder, barn.

Sense 5 (noun)

dip, cow town, brand, crate, crook, corral, cattle prod.

artifact (noun)

dairy farm.

dairy (noun)

dairy farm.

producer of milk products (noun)

farm, dairy farm.

Usage examples for dairy:

  • The Ayrshire is peculiarly adapted for the dairy, and for the abundance of its milk cannot be surpassed in its native district. - "The Book of Household Management", Mrs. Isabella Beeton.
  • But just then Tryphena came in from the dairy. - "The Birthright", Joseph Hocking.
  • A tall, lean woman, clad in a dirty silk dressing- jacket of bright yellow, was talking to a labourer by the dairy door. - "Beggars on Horseback", F. Tennyson Jesse.

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