Pronunciation of Daisy
/dˈe͡ɪzi/, /dˈe‍ɪzi/, /d_ˈeɪ_z_i/

Synonyms for daisy:

Other synonyms and related words:

STANDOUT, corker, lollapalooza, ripper, Dilly, beaut, dream, peach, humdinger, ripsnorter, Sockdolager, beauty, snorter, honey, sweetheart, lulu, doozy, hummer.

flower (noun)

snowball, crocus, periwinkle, hawthorn, heather, African Violet, magnolia, mimosa, tulip, strawflower, water lily, bloodroot, oleander, lavender, narcissus, ranunculus, flower, flax, anemone, cowslip, hepatica, jasmine, azalea, lupine, buttercup, honeysuckle, peony, wallflower, daffodil, clematis, sweet pea, hyacinth, pansy, rosemary, cornflower, wisteria, spirea, snapdragon, laurel, begonia, mayflower, yucca, foxtail, petunia, morning glory, chrysanthemum, edelweiss, Black-Eyed Susan, hibiscus, gladiolus, trillium, Sweet William, Queen Anne's Lace, marigold, smilax, orchid, geranium, verbena, snowberry, rose, bluebell, goldenrod, gardenia, iris, duckweed, poinsettia, forget-me-not, indigo, fuchsia, fleur-de-lis, dogwood, dahlia, columbine, larkspur, baby's breath, lily, zinnia, acacia, rhododendron, lady's slipper, poppy, hydrangea, phlox, hollyhock, violet, carnation, lilac, camellia, primrose, lotus, sunflower, aster, viburnum, dandelion, jonquil, amaryllis, foxglove.

sissy (noun)


Usage examples for daisy:

  • " It will do no harm to look at them, Daisy. - "Daisy in the Field", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • " Ask papa," said Daisy, quietly. - "Melbourne House", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • She didn't mind it either, though she was fresh as a daisy. - "Mary Gray", Katharine Tynan.

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