Pronunciation of Damage
/dˈamɪd͡ʒ/, /dˈamɪd‍ʒ/, /d_ˈa_m_ɪ_dʒ/

Antonyms for damage:

profit, enhance, improvement, advantage, heal, benefit, strengthen, improve, set up, mend, conserve.

Synonyms for damage:

Sense 1

squash, smash into, churn up, disrepair, bang up, rub, sublimate, obsessional, dent, bruise, wither, overshadow, impoverish, contaminate, clobber, overload, dislocate, smash down, affect, dereliction, destroy, snarl, desecrate, putrefaction, snag, plow up, depredation, scorch, corrode, corrosion, take away from, obsessed, strike at, rust, devastation, impair, conditioning, Oedipal, offset, catharsis, negate, wear and tear, fragmentation, Disserve, smash, doom, implosion, loose on, sully, regressive, overexpose, consumption, ding, deafen, pollute, weather, cave in, adulterate, coarsen, replace, cancel out, muck up, warp, safety valve, develop, blight, wear out, attack, obsessive.

Sense 2

wreckage, obsess, crush, nullify, poison, fixated, exorcism, funeral, fixation, Patterning, skew, obsession, dehumanize, defense mechanism, corrupt, transference, ail, cloud, resonance, rupture, detonation, trample, regression, demolition, bite, neutralize, mutilate, destruction.

Sense 3

suggestion, put out, delusion, crash, sabotage, corruption, vitiate, breed, mechanism.

Sense 4


Sense 5

knock-down, decay, collapse.

Sense 6

projection, ill, drive.

Sense 7


Sense 8

burst, defense.

Sense 9









lay waste.








mess up.

Other synonyms and related words:

collapse, bite, cave in, obsession, cheapen, funeral, smash, ante, suffering, trample, equipment casualty, defense, destroy, pervert, affliction, slander, putrefaction, decay, terms, burst, pollute, corrupt, overexpose, delusion, attack, rust, desecrate, prejudice, violate, affect, malign, mechanism, mutilate, impair, disservice, transference, trauma, detriment, fixation, incapacitate, disability, handicap, defile, footing, knock-down, obsessive, wear, injury, ill-use, consumption, persecute, nullify, loss, trail, drive, corrode, Disserve, deterioration, legal injury, injustice, disadvantage, victimize, dehumanize, defame, obsess, wreckage, disrepair, doom, mischief, disable, sabotage, corruption, fee, vilify, implosion, offset, contaminate, devastation, price tag, maltreat, monetary value, wrongfulness, fixated, outrage, sully, dent, overshadow, regression, neutralize, poison, maim, replace, conditioning, distress, reproach, bruise, rub, impairment, develop, disparage, dereliction, dislocate, abuse, constipation, scorch, warp, weather, corrosion, vitiate, clobber, ravish, rupture, ill-treat, depredation, demolition, stultification, misuse, aggrieve, breakage, destruction, wither, wear and tear, impoverish, wrong, crush, blight, scathe, ill, disablement.

wrong (adjective)


Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

Disserve, impair, vitiate, sabotage, prejudice, demolition.

Sense 6 (noun)

fixation, delusion, defense, conditioning, exorcism, complex, fixated, catharsis, defense mechanism.

blemish (noun)

eyesore, disfigurement, drawback, fault, abrasion, scab, brand, distortion, imperfection, stigma, discoloration, defacement, sore, blotch, wart, deformity, lesion, spoilage, weal, rift, impurity.

breakage (noun)


damage (noun)

terms, price, impairment, hurt, scathe, harm, wrong, equipment casualty, legal injury.

event (noun)

harm, impairment.

injury, loss (noun)

breakage, ravage, wound, impairment, mischief, suffering, detriment, destruction, harm, outrage, wrong, ruin, wreckage, blemish, spoilage, affliction, bruise, corruption, deterioration, devastation, hurt, waste, disservice.

price (noun)

value, tab, levy, expense, tax, duty, cost, premium, charge, figure, tariff, outlay, worth, price, dearness, quotation, amount, rate, toll.

ruin (noun)

cheapen, ruin.

blemish (verb)

spot, fleck, hack, score, disfigure, gash, chip, spoil, kink, pockmark, scar, nick, taint, slit, mar, dot, fracture, hurt, splotch, speck, discolor, freckle, deform, distort, blemish, scratch, blot, blister, check, deface, scuff, tarnish, scrape, stain, notch, abrade, defect, flaw, mark.

cause injury, loss (verb)

deface, injure, disfigure, discolor, stain, vitiate, defile, pollute, blight, mangle, impair, scratch, mar, incapacitate, scathe, spoil, bang up, tarnish, rust, contaminate, maltreat, mutilate, corrupt, corrode, smash, abuse, wreck, scorch, maim.

damage (verb)

wreck, ruin, despoil, wreak havoc, pillage, vandalize, rend, ravage, breakage, lay waste, waste, ransack, Depredate.

disable (verb)


injure (verb)

wound, harm, offend, mangle, injure, ache.

Usage examples for damage:

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