Pronunciation of Damask
/dˈamask/, /dˈamask/, /d_ˈa_m_a_s_k/

Synonyms for damask:

fabric (adjective)

gingham, rayon, alpaca, calico, nylon, fleece, fabric, worsted, wool, flannel, net, moleskin, cotton, chiffon, tulle, herringbone, batik, Celanese, dacron, acrilan, baize, challis, crinoline, crepe, taffeta, corduroy, twill, linen, oilcloth, broadcloth, serge, mohair, brocade, orlon, gabardine, canvas, sharkskin, horsehair, duffel, chintz, jersey, grenadine, denim, plaid, quilting, lame, gossamer, madras, burlap, tricot, velvet, percale, muslin, cambric, tweed, silk, astrakhan, matting, satin, paisley, bunting, sacking sailcloth, felt, sateen, longcloth, suede, cheesecloth, tarpaulin, foulard, cashmere, velour, seersucker, chenille.

red (adjective)

flushed, pink, poppy, red, puce, maroon, madder, brick, magenta, ruddy, carnation, vermilion, ruby, carmine, cherry, cinnabar, blushing, scarlet, wine-colored, copper, cerise, crimson.

Sense 1

voile, netting.

Sense 2

gauze, pinstripe, tartan, lace, mesh.

Sense 5


Other synonyms and related words:

mesh, gauze, fancy, tartan, pinstripe, voile, lace, netting, print.

Sense 1 (noun)

gauze, netting, pinstripe, lace, mesh.

damask (noun)


fabric (noun)


linen (noun)


Usage examples for damask:

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