Pronunciation of Day
/dˈe͡ɪ/, /dˈe‍ɪ/, /d_ˈeɪ/

Synonyms for day:

Sense 3

span, vigil, phase.

Sense 4

even, existence, delay, while, duration, chapter.

Sense 5

session, distance.

Sense 6

watch, window, passage.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 9

space, season.

Sense 11


Sense 14

way, block.

Sense 28





sunlight, daylight.

working day


Sense 3 (noun)

date, delay, chapter, distance, countdown, block.

Sense 4 (noun)

life, existence, span, duration.

a period of time (noun)

era, epoch, age, century, time.

day (noun)

twenty-four hours, solar day, mean solar day, sidereal day, Clarence Day.

daylight (noun)

sunlight, sunrise, daytime.

duration (noun)

life, length.

era (noun)

term, generation, age, epoch, time.

light part of every 24 hours (noun)

mean solar day, sidereal day, daytime, sunlight, light, daylight.

person (noun)

Clarence Day.

point of time (noun)

microsecond, era, millisecond, century, millennium, year, decade, epoch, month, term, minute, age, second, hour, semester, week, generation, time, lifetime.

Usage examples for day:

  • I would work day and night. - "The Progressionists, and Angela.", Conrad von Bolanden.
  • It ain't true what I heard the other day, is it? - "The Portion of Labor", Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.
  • Next day, same thing. - "Alec Lloyd, Cowpuncher", Eleanor Gates.

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fortify, watch out, defend, safeguard, cover for, extricate, fortify, govern, manage, mollycoddle.