Pronunciation of Distance
/dˈɪstəns/, /dˈɪstəns/, /d_ˈɪ_s_t_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for distance:


Synonyms for distance:

Sense 1

mile, javelin, track meet, athlete, nook, proximity, weightlifter, the NCAA, walking, longitude, Hauteur, track and field, epoch, legroom, the high jump, athletic, field event, the long jump, spacing, area, standing room, elbow room, propinquity, hang time, caber, time frame, measure, weightlifting, the broad jump, lead up, the hop, step, and jump, the triple jump, running time, the pole vault, disjunction, triathlon, spatial, the shot put, stint, decathlon, athletics, succeed, timescale, interstice, discus, nearness.

Sense 2

extension, infinity, haul, pocket, interval, gulf, measurement, footprint, medium term, hostility, countdown, severity, air pocket, event, view, headroom, gap.

Sense 3

day, cross country, vigil, clearance, overflow, phase, expansion, volume, lap, era, hammer, block.

Sense 4

chapter, while, game, room, hour, life, span, delay.

Sense 5

year, break, detachment, date, session.

Sense 6

window, extent, section, passage, watch.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 9

track, piece, term, season, time.

Sense 11


Sense 28







go beyond.


go beyond.



Other synonyms and related words:

disjunction, measurement, field, expanse, quad, otherness, nook, outstrip, unlikeness, mileage, date, outperform, javelin, chapter, countdown, pocket, dissimilarity, clearance, athletic, hour, extension, decathlon, interstice, blank, place, weightlifter, outdo, run, view, expansion, hostility, time, hammer, setting, duration, block, reach, exceed, outdistance, infinite, discus, athletics, area, breadth, section, diverseness, extent, day, era, proximity, longitude, length, year, nearness, measure, blank space, caber, propinquity, distinctiveness, footprint, outer space, disparity, infinity, gulf, sheet, while, dissimilitude, standoffishness, outmatch, surpass, space, disagreement, aloofness, distinction, room, way, surmount, discrepancy, interval, spell, event, contrast, span, haul, stint, disparateness, detachment, walking, gap, stretch, lap, mile, succeed, Hauteur, difference, severity, window, spacing, weightlifting, distinctness, spread, diversity, epoch, remove, withdrawnness, outgo, volume, piece, track, pass, athlete, delay, break, headroom.

Sense 1 (noun)

extent, gap, span, interval, mileage, reach, expanse.

Sense 2 (noun)

break, clearance, infinity, elbow room, footprint, headroom, air pocket.

Sense 3 (noun)

way, block, measure, difference, mile.

Sense 4 (noun)

athletics, stretch, cross country, decathlon, caber, discus, event, the broad jump, piece, athlete, athletic.

Sense 5 (noun)

countdown, date, era, day, delay, epoch, chapter.

Sense 6 (noun)

expansion, spread.

Sense 7 (noun)

remove, disjunction, propinquity, nearness, proximity.

Sense 8 (noun)

detachment, severity, Hauteur, hostility.

attribute (noun)


calculation (noun)


dissimilarity (noun)


distance (noun)

space, aloofness, outdistance, length, outstrip.

environment (noun)


interval, range (noun)

reach, space, spread, extent, area, remove, expanse, farness, remoteness, way, length, breadth, stretch, gap, span, extension.

mileage (noun)


place (noun)


remoteness (noun)

yonder, beyond, offing, farness, remoteness.

time (noun)


alienate (verb)

alienate, separate, disunite, estrange, divide, divorce, push away, disaffect.

dissociate oneself; leave behind (verb)

outstrip, outdo, pass.

Usage examples for distance:

  • His eye told him that the distance was still too great. - "When A Man's A Man", Harold Bell Wright.
  • Mr. Randolph was sitting at some distance talking with one of the gentlemen. - "Melbourne House", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • There was nobody in the street, and there were only a few people walking in the distance. - "The Son of His Mother", Clara Viebig.

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