Pronunciation of Dress
/dɹˈɛs/, /dɹˈɛs/, /d_ɹ_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for dress:

disrobe, take off, unclothe, undress, informal.

Synonyms for dress:

Sense 1

cocktail dress, getup, sport, team, wardrobe, mini, national costume, appearance, cheongsam, outgrow, roll down, shirtwaist, muu-muu, tam-o'-shanter, fitting, pull on, fertilize, ballgown, try on, fling on, roll up, slip on, truss up, sundress, have on, draw on, change back, sporran, slip into, kanga, break in, national dress, loincloth, dirndl, Habiliment, muffle, miniskirt, throw on, slip dress, lungi, turn out, wear in, accessorize, cover up.

Sense 2

evening dress, put on, wrap up, bandage, bundle up, till, plaid, Into.

Sense 3

dud, guise, get on, bind, sheath.

Sense 4

wraparound, thread, turnout.

Sense 5

get, take.

Sense 6


Sense 8



bundle up, don, dandify, bedizen, habilitate.


cover up.


gussy up.






full dress.

get on

slip into, throw on.


line up.







Other synonyms and related words:

rig out, bring down, put, get, localise, do up, prink, dress out, ballgown, caparison, typeset, fructify, turnout, bedizen, disbud, wearables, determine, tog out, cause, queue up, national costume, flash back, rob, beautify, dress down, cheongsam, culture, fitting, enrobe, bard, decorate, countersink, manage, festoon, surcharge, adorn, put on, bundle up, neaten, trick out, plume, rationalise, pose, gazump, promote, overcharge, clobber, crop, wraparound, doll up, don, order, overdress, furbish, cut back, tog, fix up, fit out, embellish, fix, habilitate, perform, localize, reduce, guise, cut short, cut down, fig up, trim, sporran, preen, coiffe, suffice, mark, pasture, rig, adjust, gear up, deck up, bind, muu-muu, answer, place, shave, get along, sheath, clip, grace, jog, enclothe, DO, come, slip on, window-dress, snip off, lop, go down, curb, mini, till, specify, enrich, invest, rationalize, evening dress, weeds, jell, mien, sever, suit up, pruning, Toggery, slip into, cocktail dress, garnish, set up, plane, wardrobe, gear, behave, snip, coiffure, bandage, trim down, dress up, wrap up, rigging, make out, pride, gussy up, primp, dud, Emblaze, sic, train, congratulate, trim back, go under, browse, cultivate, Discerp, tog up, get on, get dressed, deck, get hold, drag, coif, define, congeal, costumery, nip off, fertilize, trot, graze, cut, fancify, Habiliment, swathe, appearance, vestments, plant, dirndl, pluck, find, look, restrict, drape, lay out, upholster, figure, garments, getup, deck out, trick up, rag, bedeck, miniskirt, presence, practice, garnishee, fancy up, shift, Into, aline, regard, togs, lay, wearing apparel, practise, prune, act, aspect, ornament, soak, align, curtail, fig out, dandify, blazon, emboss, vestiary, come up, formal, work, groom, take.

Sense 1 (noun)

try on, pull on, cover up, wrap up, slip into.

Sense 2 (noun)

sheath, shift.

Sense 3 (noun)

dirndl, ballgown, cocktail dress, evening dress, put on, cheongsam.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

loincloth, national dress, tam-o'-shanter, bandage, bind, sporran, plaid, national costume.

Sense 6 (noun)

culture, till.

appearance (noun)


article of clothing (noun)


artifact (noun)


clothes (noun)

duds, raiment.

clothing (noun)

sweat shirt, sarong, tuxedo, afghan, slacks, tunic, cloak, pull over, fedora, clothing, smock, stetson, crinoline, halter, jacket, t-shirt, boot, fur, coat, greatcoat, topcoat, fez, ensemble, footgear, dressing gown, slicker, burnoose, sari, turtle-neck, caftan, pea coat, habit, pillbox, chapeau, trimming, pants, apparel, garb, overcoat, hat, brassiere, poncho, blue jeans, pajamas, garment, smoking jacket, wrapper, trousers, raiment, corset, kimono, sweater, shoes, camisole, nightgown, blouse, scarf, skirt, evening gown, jumper, beret, bathrobe, shirt, homburg, blazer, vestment, v neck, stockings, kilt, pinafore, sports coat, sweat suit, headdress, trench coat, suit, housecoat, mackintosh, chemise, dinner jacket, bonnet, bowler, frock, raincoat, gown, jersey, clothes, parka, panties, cape, shorts, doublet, pyjamas, shawl, ulster, robe, vesture, windbreaker, duds, petticoat.

clothing; woman's garment (noun)

frock, guise, gear, apparel, skirt, Habiliment, gown, duds, suit, Toggery, pinafore, robe, drape, ensemble, tog, shift, raiment, wardrobe, attire, costume, vestment, garb, smock, habit, outfit.

covering (noun)


dress (noun)

crop, formal, decorate, arrange, primp, line up, dress out, coiffe, set, DO, garnish, plume, coif, coiffure, snip, preen, lop, full dress, attire, clip, trim, cut back, prune, frock, garb.

dress up (noun)

deck, tog up, embellish, adorn, beautify, doll up, decorate, ornament.

suit (noun)


body (verb)

dress up, get dressed.

clothe (verb)

attire, clothe, accouter, array, costume, don, wear, outfit, wrap.

cover a wound (verb)

bandage, bind.

physically prepare; groom (verb)

align, fit, adjust, arrange, do up, set.

prepare (verb)

furnish, arrange, mobilize, formulate, curry, construct, fabricate, fashion, prepare, develop, foster, suit up, compose, draft, ready, make, set, prime, devise, fit, equip, marshal.

put on clothing (verb)

don, deck, slip on, furbish, bundle up, clothe, decorate, array, ornament, suit up, wear, slip into, rig, put on, primp, trim, embellish, adorn, turn out, bedeck, fit out.

Usage examples for dress:

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