Pronunciation of E'er
/ˈe͡ə/, /ˈe‍ə/, /ˈeə/

Antonyms for e'er:

never, ne'er.

Synonyms for e'er:

e'er (noun)

ever, always.

Sense 1

awfully, bloody, leastwise, actual, indeed, strongly, e'en, fiendishly, seriously, genuinely, any, frighteningly, leastways, ultimately, lousy, OCH, interestingly.

Sense 2

really, even, What, just, sure, entirely, actively.

Sense 3

exact, whole, awful, perfect.

Other synonyms and related words:

everlastingly, forever, permanently, Aye, constantly, evermore, invariably, forevermore, indelibly, perpetually, eternally, incessantly.

Usage examples for e'er:

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