Pronunciation of Eager
/ˈiːɡə/, /ˈiːɡə/, /ˈiː_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for eager:

cold, uneager, reluctant, unenthusiastic, cool, frigid.

Synonyms for eager:

Sense 1

agog, observant, athirst, ambitious.

Sense 3


Sense 4



red hot.

Other synonyms and related words:

bursting, born-again, wishful, keen, glowing, vehement, anxious, observant, ambitious, raring, hooked, red hot, overeager, eagre, great, actively, drill hole, devoted, tidal bore, intense, heartily, caliber, importunate, impatient, gauge, impressed, evangelical, calibre, voracious, athirst, Into, dullard, predisposed, aegir, fanatic, aware, bore-hole, ebullient, bore, agog, wild, alive, hot, avid, thirsty, impetuous, rousing, wholehearted, dying, warm, enamored, solicitous.

active (adjective)

enterprising, active, vivacious, assiduous, stirring, tireless, sprightly, spirited, dynamic, energetic, animated, lively, industrious, moving, sedulous, bustling, busy.

anxious, enthusiastic (adjective)

covetous, vehement, athirst, yearning, avid, earnest, agog, gung ho, longing, greedy, voracious, keen, hungry, wishful, wild, thirsty, solicitous, desirous, zealous, hankering, hot, acquisitive, impatient, ambitious, fervent, ardent.

desirous (adjective)

fond, Lusting, Thirsting, amorous, itching, passionate, greedy, longing, needful, ardent, desirous, expectant, yearning, acquisitive, covetous, hankering, grasping, hungry, hopeful, wishful, urgent.

dry (adjective)


enthusiastic (adjective)

ebullient, interested, evangelical, zealous, voracious, messianic, hooked, aware, enthusiastic, star-struck, rousing, devout, motivated, wholehearted, addicted, wishful, excited, keen, overzealous, fanatical, ardent, fervent, Into, awestruck, gaga, spirited, big, heartily, enthused, enamored, born-again, gung ho, devoted, fanatic, actively, impressed.

excited (adjective)


hardworking (adjective)


hopeful (adjective)

optimistic, desirous, faithful, expectant, yearning, sure, hopeful, aspiring.

qualified (adjective)


sensitive (adjective)


teachable (adjective)


vigorous (adjective)

industrious, emphatic, earnest, strong, impassioned, hearty, frisky, afire, fervent, agitated, full-blooded, virile, sprightly, peppy, animated, lively, active, ablaze, excited, energetic, mettlesome, vigorous, ardent, puissant, burning, exuberant, zestful, lusty, prolific, zealous, powerful, zippy, fiery, potent, strenuous, spirited, passionate, enthusiastic.

willing (adjective)

pliant, persuadable, amenable, biddable, flexible, willing, susceptible, malleable, yielding, earnest, pliable, plastic, agreeable, receptive, compliant, predisposed, submissive, acquiescent, tractable, ductile, adaptable, assenting, tame, ready, cooperative.

worried (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

athirst, solicitous, bursting, thirsty, agog.

eager (noun)

bore, impatient, dying, great, tidal bore, enthusiastic, anxious, hot, overeager, zealous, aegir, raring, eagre, avid.

Usage examples for eager:

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