Pronunciation of Eagerness
/ˈiːɡənəs/, /ˈiːɡənəs/, /ˈiː_ɡ_ə_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for eagerness:

indifference, unconcern, apathy, calmness.

Synonyms for eagerness:

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Other synonyms and related words:

bumptiousness, acuity, warmth, intensity, elan, extravagance, fanaticism, ecstasy, vehemence, sharpness, keenness, acuteness, forwardness, avidness, constancy, ardour, set, pushiness, want, avidity, speed, preparation, inspiration, impatience.

attribute (noun)

readiness, zeal, forwardness.

desire (noun)

greed, hunger, passion, thirst, itch, amorousness, wish, desire, hope, covetousness, acquisitiveness, lust, expectation, craving, need, fondness, yearning, Ardency, urge, longing.

eagerness (noun)

avidness, keenness, avidity.

enthusiasm (noun)

fervor, fire, ardor.

enthusiasm, anxiousness (noun)

thirst, fervor, longing, hunger, avidity, gusto, keenness, zest, zeal, yearning, impatience, excitement, anticipation, vehemence, ardor, earnestness.

hope (noun)

aspiration, anticipation, confidence, optimism, faith, contemplation, sureness, presumption.

vigor (noun)

enthusiasm, verve, gusto, agitation, friskiness, strength, power, exuberance, agility, relish, spirit, vigor, animation, liveliness, fervency, industriousness, energy, activity, potency, lustiness, zeal, excitement, zest, vim, puissance, sprightliness.

willingness (noun)

assent, receptiveness, earnestness, tractability, tameness, compliance, susceptibility, malleability, yieldingness, cooperation, amenability, readiness, acquiescent, submissiveness, pliability, willingness, ductility, adaptability, agreeability, flexibility, persuadability.

Usage examples for eagerness:

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