Pronunciation of Early
/ˈɜːlɪ/, /ˈɜːlɪ/, /ˈɜː_l_ɪ/

Antonyms for early:

later, intervening, middle, old, future, late, past, new.

Synonyms for early:

all (adjective)

former, other.

earliest (adjective)

original, primordial.

early (adjective)

half-baked, untimely, precipitous, soon.

inappropriate (adjective)


on time (adjective)


preceding (adjective)

foregoing, introductory, earlier, preceding, avant-garde, anteceding.

rudimentary (adjective)


sooner than expected (adjective)

betimes, too soon, beforehand, prematurely, ahead of time, soon.

untimely (adjective)

early on.



Sense 1

puberty, girlhood, initially, Since, childlike, pester power, boyhood, date from, barely, grow up, preemptive, Ere, developmental, grow up on, front end, the earliest, development, stripling, juvenile, upbringing, all along, youth, infancy, prematurely, adolescence, first-time, school-age, pioneer, childhood, Pre-, date back to, originally, first-ever, mornings, pre-existing, leadoff.

Sense 2

beforehand, ancient, childish, opening, minority, hangover, historically, retrospective, forerunner, previous, holdover, before, timeline, prior, predecessor, babyish.

Sense 3

antediluvian, historical.

Sense 4

ahead, Toward, near, primary.

Sense 17


all (adverb)

early on.

immediately (adverb)

first, timely.

sooner than expected (adverb)

immature, untimely, precocious, punctual.

Sense 3 (noun)

barely, Since, before, prior.

Sense 5 (noun)

all along, opening, antediluvian, front end.

Sense 6 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

historical, date back to, historically, retrospective.

early (noun)

initial, precocious, primordial, ahead of time, primitive, opening, beforehand, first, untimely, prematurely, primeval, too soon, ancient.

Usage examples for early:

  • Ba'tiste will go out in the early morning. - "The Story of the Trapper", A. C. Laut.
  • Early in the morning he has to go to Boston. - "Beautiful Joe", Marshall Saunders.

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