Pronunciation of Enemy
/ˈɛnəmi/, /ˈɛnəmi/, /ˈɛ_n_ə_m_i/

Synonyms for enemy:

Sense 3

bitter, side.

combatant (noun)

bully, militant, tough, antagonist, gladiator, competitor, pugilist, opponent, quarreler, swordsman, assailant, bruiser, mercenary, rival, battler, duelist, man-at-arms, thug, struggler, warrior, soldier, Jouster, fighter, brawler, rioter, contestant, combatant, adversary, foe.

enemy (noun)

hater, sectarian, invader, sanguinary, foeman, unfriendly, hostile, foe, Sectary, shrew, opposite, Archenemy, attacker, opposition, savage.

opponent (noun)

disputant, opposer, villain, foil, assaulter.

someone hated or competed against (noun)

attacker, foe, disputant, competitor, rival, opposition, invader, opponent, villain, adversary, Archenemy, assailant, antagonist.

Usage examples for enemy:

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