Pronunciation of Even
/ˈiːvən/, /ˈiːvən/, /ˈiː_v_ə_n/

Antonyms for even:

unstable, rough, irregular, broken, inconstant, odd, inconsistent, uneven, unsteady, slanting, intermittent, variable, unequal.

Synonyms for even:

Sense 1

statistical, stripy, shapeless, decimal, stripey, afternoon, ever, fair, spotted, day, morrow, bloody, frighteningly, e'en, flecked, quantifiable, speckled, balanced, chequered, leastways, quantitative, double digit, nighttime, linear, even-tempered, nth, scalar, morning, mealtime, annualized, patterned, mottled, fiendishly, any, Striated, strongly, quits, morn, tessellated, candy-striped, numerical, seriously, calculable, genuinely, Grained, vesper, actual, invariant, ultimately, OCH, chronological, striped, hexadecimal, daylight, interestingly, Cool-headed, spotty, daytime, serried, divisible, tiered, flowered, lousy, median, leastwise, awfully, Fluted, checked, afternoons, bedtime, tonight.

Sense 2

possessed, unruffled, darkness, exactly, really, variegated, ornate, actively, marbled, evenhanded, unflappable, equalize, checkered, unbalanced, underlying, nonchalant, imperturbable, scalloped, nightfall, precisely, gloaming, tantamount, radial, equivalent, composed, checkerboard, just, dusk, collected, What, twilight, tranquil, unnumbered, indivisible, equitable, binary, sure.

Sense 3

sheer, smoothly, changeless, serial, flowery, perfect, hour, blunt, awful, well-balanced, whole, equate, night, crisscross, straighten, identical.

Sense 4

daily, cool, square, average, round, indeed.

Sense 5

calm, detached.

Sense 6

dull, positive.

Sense 7

exact, mean.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 19








Other synonyms and related words:

vesper, equitable, right, equalize, eventide, just, tied, evening, yet, true, equal, balanced, evenhanded, still, all the same, notwithstanding, eve, square, even off, fifty-fifty, calm.

all (adjective)


calm (adjective)

undisturbed, unruffled.

calm, undisturbed (adjective)

tranquil, imperturbable, cool, peaceful, even-tempered, unruffled, well-balanced, composed, equable.

commensurate; having no advantage (adjective)

tied, exact, equivalent, identical, coequal, uniform, fifty-fifty.

continuous (adjective)

consistent, indefatigable, everlasting, nonstop, un-intermittent, continuous, connected, coherent, monotonous, unceasing, unremitting, lasting, monolithic, undeviating, continuing, perennial, level, cyclical, interminable, flat, sequential, steady, undying, ceaseless, constant, incessant, robot-like, unvarying, featureless, habitual, persistent, straight, repeated, endless, unchanging, invariable, unchangeable, consecutive, continual, regular, repetitive, recurrent, perpetual, uniform, unending, homogeneous, unbroken, seamless, gapless.

crooked (adjective)


direct (adjective)


equal (adjective)

equivalent, balanced, square.

fair, impartial (adjective)

equitable, just.

flat (adjective)

flat, planar, horizontal, prairie-like, flush, level, tabular.

flat, uniform (adjective)

straight, equal, alike, constant, same, regular, plane, consistent, true, level, undeviating, square, steady, continual, right, balanced, flush, unchanging, horizontal, unbroken, continuous, unvarying, unwavering, smooth.

gradual (adjective)

gentle, gradual, imperceptible, moderate, easy.

horizontal (adjective)

level, planar, horizontal, flat.

insensitive (adjective)


mild (adjective)

benevolent, charitable, genial, lax, mild, benign, liberal, tolerant, kind, forbearing, gentle, insipid, lenient, cordial, permissive, open-minded, libertarian, amiable, peaceful, broad-minded, sweet, peaceable, clement, soft, moderate, tender, meek, quiet.

moderate (adjective)


similar (adjective)


smooth (adjective)

velvety, glossy, burnished, frictionless, slippery, silky, shiny, flat, Lacquered, satiny, level, streamlined, varnished, glassy, sleek, edgeless, marble, slilken, polished, satin-smooth, glazed, slick, smooth, slithery.

square (adjective)


uniform (adjective)

undeviating, consonant, unvarying, alike, like, undifferentiated, uniform, regular, monolithic, equable, indistinguishable, unbroken, seamless, assonant, steady, level, undiversified, homogeneous, invariable, consistent, well-balanced, same.

all (adverb)

still, yet.

still, yet (adverb)

indeed, notwithstanding.

however (conjunction)


Sense 2 (noun)

actual, awful, any, awfully, e'en, bloody, actively, entirely.

Sense 3 (noun)

changeless, invariant.

Sense 4 (noun)

cool, afternoon, daylight, even-tempered, composed, collected, day, imperturbable, darkness, unruffled, Cool-headed, possessed, detached, nonchalant, afternoons, bedtime, calm, unflappable, daytime.

Sense 6 (noun)

evenhanded, equitable, fair.

Sense 8 (noun)

binary, decimal, hexadecimal, calculable, divisible, indivisible, annualized, balanced, average, double digit.

Sense 9 (noun)

exact, blunt, smoothly.

Sense 12 (noun)

unbalanced, quantitative, sheer, underlying, quantifiable.

even (noun)

symmetric, true, flat, yet, flatbottomed, straight, still, regular, tied, level, equal, justified, plane, fifty-fifty, flush, even out, symmetrical, flatbottom.

even so (noun)

steady, square, nevertheless, smooth, equalize, yet, however, plane, still, all the same, straighten, nonetheless, flatten, level.

in addition (noun)


time (noun)

evening, eve, eventide.

balance, make smooth (verb)

flatten, equalize, grade.

change (verb)

even out.

contact (verb)

flush, even out, level.

flatten (verb)

grade, squish, deflate, compress.

smooth (verb)

silken, plane, burnish, sand, polish, glaze, flatten, smooth, slick, gloss, grind.

Usage examples for even:

  • But it isn't even that. - "Captain Jim", Mary Grant Bruce.
  • How do I know, when I don't even understand myself? - "Molly Bawn", Margaret Wolfe Hamilton.
  • I'm not saying but what you should respect even his wakeness. - "An Eye for an Eye", Anthony Trollope.

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