Pronunciation of Facade
/fəsˈɑːd/, /fəsˈɑːd/, /f_ə_s_ˈɑː_d/

Synonyms for facade:



Other synonyms and related words:

playacting, surface, frontage, gloss, frontal, window dressing, act, frontlet, forepart, veneer, forehead, face.

pretentious (adjective)

forged, mannered, forced, synthetic, theatrical, artificial, Impersonating, ostentatious, fraudulent, studied, imposture, counterfeit, mock, affected, stilted, stiff, la-di-da, deceitful, showy, Masquerading, pretentious, histrionic, imitation, unnatural, bogus, fake, ersatz, false, stagy, posing, overdone.

appearance, often deceptive (noun)

disguise, window dressing, front, guise, frontage, bluff, show, veneer, face, pretense, fake.

artifact (noun)

frontage, frontal.

facade (noun)

frontage, window dressing.

pretension (noun)

front, fakery, forgery, guise, claim, charade, fraud, cover, pose, counterfeit, affectation, stage, imposture, imitation, bluff, device, show, deceit, masquerade, pretension, mannerism, artificiality, disguise, ostentation, pretense, air, gimmick, impersonation, falseness.

Usage examples for facade:

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