Pronunciation of Fop
/fˈɒp/, /fˈɒp/, /f_ˈɒ_p/

Synonyms for fop:

Sense 1

scruff, transvestite, trendsetter, popinjay, dag, power dressing, metrosexual, coxcomb.

Sense 2

dresser, trendy.

Other synonyms and related words:

jay, coxcomb, trendy, sheik, boyfriend, dag, popinjay, Beau Brummell, swain, fashion plate, buck, transvestite, dresser, fellow, buster, metrosexual, sheikh, toff, tribal sheik, lounge lizard, macaroni, squire, trendsetter, yawl, tribal sheikh, young man, crestless wave.

Sense 1 (noun)

dag, metrosexual, dresser.

dandy (noun)

dude, Beau Brummell, buck, fashion plate, popinjay, clotheshorse, beau, macaroni, peacock, coxcomb.

fashion plate (noun)


fop (noun)

socialite, gallant, blade, sheik, swell, beauty, fashion plate, cavalier, peacock, dude, beau, blood, clotheshorse, dandy.

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