Pronunciation of Foul
/fˈa͡ʊl/, /fˈa‍ʊl/, /f_ˈaʊ_l/

Antonyms for foul:

clear, incorrupt, lovable, pure, good, clean, purify, untangled, inoffensive, fair, sweet, sanctify, fragrant, legible.

Synonyms for foul:

Sense 1

ground out, odorous, horsepower, turbine, Two-cycle, ensnarl, Reeky, two-stroke, collision, scatologic, pinch-hit, bunt, Fescennine, Despisable, onside, raunchy.

Sense 2

bawdy, bat, barnyard, despicable, contemptible, ribald, detestable, freestyle, abhorrent, flooded, rancid, liter, backhanded, obnoxious, rank, shameful, offside, bleak, mephitic.

Sense 3

engine, wretched, steal, pop up, infamous, horrid, scurrilous, antipathetic.

Sense 4

lewd, mess up, vulgar, retire, profane, muck up, triple, balk.

Sense 5

coarse, sacrifice.

Sense 6

low, strike out.

Sense 7

broad, wind up, rich.

Sense 8

single, tag.

Sense 9

fly, walk.

Sense 14


Sense 15

double, HIT, front.

Sense 19


Sense 20





begrime, muddied.









Other synonyms and related words:

dreadful, ribald, nauseating, abominable, low, fouled, detestable, obnoxious, noxious, awful, fulsome, clog up, abhorrent, scandalous, black, shameful, gross, horrible, pornographic, vile, noisome, shocking, afoul, infamous, wretched, sickening, contemptible, bawdy, despicable, horrid, low-down, stagnant, unprintable, rank, lewd, rotten.

abominable (adjective)

beastly, odious, contemptible, repugnant, obnoxious, bad, atrocious, wretched, reprehensible, horrible, disgusting, awful, lousy, terrible.

atrocious (adjective)

appalling, sickening, dreadful.

base (adjective)

mean, corrupt, ugly, sordid, trashy.

dirty (adjective)

slovenly, grimy, unclean, cruddy, mucky, black, begrimed.

dishonest (adjective)


evil (adjective)

destructive, reprehensible, sinful, baneful, damnable, evil, detrimental, repellent, wicked, terrible, offensive, disgraceful, sinister, repulsive, calamitous, abominable, hideous, heinous, nefarious, loathsome, atrocious, monstrous, bad, revolting, repugnant.

foul (adjective)

icky, repulsive, heinous, coarse, abhorrent, scandalous, abominable, dirty, malodorous, raunchy, obscene, noisome, squalid, stinking, nefarious, loathsome, unfair, unjust, horrid, wicked, sullied, lewd, offensive, smutty, indecent, monstrous, scatological, hateful, polluted, impure, disgraceful, low, rotten, repellent, scurrilous, yucky, putrid, revolting, nasty, vile, despicable, profane, unclean, infamous, fetid, shameful, mucky, vicious, inequitable, nauseating, filthy, detestable.

foul-smelling (adjective)


impure (adjective)


malevolent (adjective)

hateful, corrosive, nasty, rancorous, antagonistic, malevolent, perfidious, vindictive, Black-hearted, mean, catty, virulent, sullen, malicious, hostile, hurtful, evil, sinister, baleful, baneful, vicious, wicked, venomous, churlish, bitter, spiteful, malignant, ill-natured, treacherous.

mephitic (adjective)


obscene (adjective)

gross, scatologic.

offensive (adjective)

offensive, horrid, atrocious.

revolting (adjective)


stinking (adjective)


unclean (adjective)

crummy, icky, smutty, unsanitary, scatological, fetid, mucky, putrid, sloppy, unhygenic, squalid, grungy, toxic, dingy, scruffy, festering, slovenly, disgusting, grimy, untidy, shabby, sordid, dirty, muddy, odious, insalubrious, defiled, impure, infectious, murky, septic, dusty, grubby, offensive, filthy, unclean, obscene.

uncleanly (adjective)


unhealthy (adjective)


unjust (adjective)

one-sided, unfair, partial, unjustifiable, uneven, inequitable, biased, venal, unjust, prejudiced, partisan, discriminatory, unequal, unsportsmanlike.

wicked (adjective)


yucky (adjective)

yucky, skanky.

beastly (adverb)


Sense 2 (noun)

ribald, vulgar, coarse, lewd.

Sense 4 (noun)

horrid, ugly.

Sense 5 (noun)

defensive, Reeky, onside, mephitic, front, freestyle, offside, backhanded.

disgusting (noun)


foul (noun)

disgustful, repellent, defile, befoul, afoul, skanky, back up, choke off, funky, putrid, marked-up, malodorous, tangled, unclean, maculate, foul-smelling, unsporting, unsportsmanlike, dirty, yucky, unfair, foetid, nasty, stinking, distasteful, illegible, smelly, contaminate, noisome, disgusting, clog, fouled, revolting, repellant, smutty, out of bounds, pollute, repelling, loathly, wicked, cheating, offensive, unjust, filthy, clog up, soiled, inclement, vile, fetid, loathsome, congest, choke.

foul play (noun)

clog, choke, catch, dirty, defile, taint, entangle, muddy, blacken, jam, stain, obstruct, block, snarl, sully, tangle, soil, contaminate, pollute.

contaminated (verb)


dirty (verb)

dirty, befoul, stain, muddy, streak, besmirch, smudge, smirch, contaminate, soil, taint, sully, tarnish, putrefy, defile, smear, pollute.

foul (verb)

tarnish, soil, choke, snarl, clog, smear, defile, stain, jam, catch, besmirch, block, sully, taint, contaminate, entangle, smudge, befoul, pollute, begrime.

hinder (verb)

congest, frustrate, handicap, check, stay, entrap, jam, choke, baffle, crimp, bottleneck, block, plug, delay, cripple, encumber, impede, impair, mire, bung, cramp, brake, restrict, burden, constrain, constipate, oppose, hinder, bar, restrain, fetter, entangle, dam, obstruct, deter, drag, hamstring, curb, snarl, inhibit, detain, hamper, resist, snag, tangle, counter, interrupt, paralyze, complicate, thwart, clog, catch, stop.

Usage examples for foul:

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