Pronunciation of Friend
/fɹˈɛnd/, /fɹˈɛnd/, /f_ɹ_ˈɛ_n_d/

Antonyms for friend:

antagonist, enemy, foe, opponent, stranger.

Synonyms for friend:

Sense 1

custodian, international relations, moderate, convert, homeboy, sidekick, well-wisher, positivist, audience, partisan, ideologue, alter ego, abolitionist, homegirl, blood brother, extremist, kith and kin, pressure group, girlfriend, correspondent, firm friends, the global village, follower, fair-weather friend, cheerleader, sympathizer, mouthpiece, multination, prophet, flatmate, pen pal, pen-friend, roomie, intergovernmental, soulmate, shuttle diplomacy, world order, henchman, adherent, comrade in arms, supranational, following, rapprochement, offsider, stakeholder, comforter, existentialist, compeer, pillar, homey, the international community, Housemate, progressive, royalist, acolyte, renegade, transnational, school friend, crusader, empiricist, boon companion.

Sense 2

benefactor, friendship, unfriendly, backer, crowd, tribute, interlocutor, cohort, confidante, connection, base, old man.

Sense 3

contributor, support, contact, date.

Sense 4

reference, twin, multinational.

Sense 5

angel, friendly.

Sense 7


Sense 11





associate, messmate.



Sense 2 (noun)

girlfriend, firm friends.

Sense 3 (noun)

exchange, intergovernmental, the international community, advocate, sympathizer, the global village, international relations, friendly, friendship, multinational, backer, multination.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

benefactor, contributor, angel.

assistant (noun)

helper, helpmate.

beauty (noun)


benefactor (noun)

advocate, supporter, partisan, patron, adherent, backer.

confidant, companion (noun)

ally, schoolmate, sidekick, alter ego, cohort, pal, consort, chum, companion, comrade, partner, playmate, colleague, cousin, mate, associate, intimate, roommate, crony, well-wisher, classmate, Familiar, acquaintance, buddy.

follower (noun)


friend (noun)

buddy, booster, admirer, amigo, brother, sister, companion, fellow, crony, schoolmate, Familiar, colleague, pal, acquaintance, company, playmate, teammate, intimate, classmate, co-worker, protagonist, comrade, supporter, mate, roommate, cousin, ally, chum, quaker, partner, confidant, champion.

girlfriend (noun)


neighbor (noun)


old man (noun)

old man.

proponent (noun)

exponent, Expounder.

sidekick (noun)


Usage examples for friend:

  • " I don't understand," said her friend. - "With Edge Tools", Hobart Chatfield-Taylor.
  • If you had a friend, wouldn't you do the same?" - "The Thousandth Woman", Ernest W. Hornung.
  • " Not at all- I am not at all good- I only want to be your friend. - "A Tale of a Lonely Parish", F. Marion Crawford.

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