Pronunciation of Get
/ɡˈɛt/, /ɡˈɛt/, /ɡ_ˈɛ_t/

Synonyms for get:

Sense 1

creep in, crowd, debrief, cut across, rock up, go down with, come over, froth, swim, exist, plunge into, tuck away, trickle down, pour, be, enter, enjoy, throw together, buy up, flood, descend on, roll in, penetrate, burn up, get together, hessian, read up on, intrude, stabilize, hear of, come down with, finagle, succumb, swamp, interaction, tap, reroute, hotfoot, white noise, seize on, fetch up, slip off, enclose, unearth, report in, get off on, opportunism, interrelationship, unlock, soak in, scoop up, capitalize on, scrounge, nestle, hallucinate, go in, blow in, jump at, happen along, give onto, opportunist, afflict, reunite, uncover, pile in, catch out, relapse, doff, kick in, skedaddle, burn out, come out in, incubate, reside in, dehydrate, remain, inundate, haul in, hightail, weigh, end up, misplacement, elicit, vamoose, tire of, lie around, drink in, spread-out, bludge, draw up, resurface, load up on, slip out of, accrue, buy in, invade, fall into, undress, delight in, call on, mooch, dictate, unbuckle, go in for, score off, summon, repossess, set in, moneymaking, pinpoint, come for, reverberate, float around, radar, GPS, gad, sniff out, disrobe, hit on, come along, trade on, front up, repossession, reclaim, carouse, lap up, gallivant, ail, revel in, finish up, overstock, smoke out, latch onto, luxuriate, circularize, come through, succeed, gettable, ghosting, retrieval, invest in, interact, send back, barge in, back onto, unmask, soldier of fortune, copy to, fling off, tease out, acquirable, retrace, snap up, pile into, puff up, procreate.

Sense 2

crack-up, source, extort, exasperate, tilt, directional, peel off, sicken, lucrative, employment, dwell, interference, profit from, violate, offspring, recoup, bespeak, tell, lie with, roll up, Readdress, send out, indulge, clutch, show, static, fathom, finesse, mislay, import, sort out, posterity, send in, tear off, procurable, turn out, shrug off, send off, misplace, obtainable, strip down, attainable, spin, impact, peeve, available, report, revel, profitable, prove, shuck off, straddle, sandwich between, scoop, rejoin, atrophy, inherit, deserve, snag, decorate, wrest, enlist, remember, exploit, wangle, rewarding, signal-to-noise ratio, screen, repose, stand back, irk, twig, imprint.

Sense 3

brood, engineer, redirect, progeny, bask, earnings, locate, settle, ship, affect, persuade, smell, litter, remit, ken, savor, milk, losing, abstract, remunerative, concern, convince, advantageous, seizure, comprehend, span, represent, wring, employ, wax, missing, extract, gorge, enter into, pivot, ruffle, relish, rave.

Sense 4

book, rate, look, aggravate, sell, adventurer, like, party, perch, gone, fret, pull off, get out of, come by, impress, loss, rest, recovery, circulate, knock around, mail, get back.

Sense 5

conceive, appear, bolt, kick off, go out, hang, profit, scanner, throw off, lie, reception, reserve, hunt, lost, make of, merit, seed, face, footprint.

Sense 6

gross, taste, turn over, lean, send, attach, issue, wind up, lock, post.

Sense 7

measure, track, benefit, transmission, engagement, worm, register, nose.

Sense 8

dig, retain, love, get into, argue, forward.

Sense 9

go for, scan, cell, head.

Sense 10

strip, bank.

Sense 11

jam, touch, balance, spread.

Sense 12

off, act.

Sense 14

front, back.

Sense 15





scare up, get hold of, come by.


grate, provoke, get to, irk.





bring in









go down with.


bring forth.


get away.




catch on.






drink in.


work over.






stick to.


pick off.



Sense 1 (noun)

read up on, uncover.

Sense 2 (noun)

persuade, get together.

Sense 3 (noun)

touch, enter.

Sense 4 (noun)

import, invest in, buy up, snap up.

Sense 5 (noun)

invade, go down with, afflict, come down with.

Sense 7 (noun)

interact, shape, impact, procreate.

Sense 8 (noun)

turn out.

Sense 9 (noun)

hit on, measure.

Sense 12 (noun)

satisfy, get ahead.

Sense 16 (noun)

appear, look, come over, come by, be.

Sense 18 (noun)

assassinate, rate, merit, deserve, bump off.

Sense 19 (noun)

circulate, copy to, ship, send out, send.

Sense 20 (noun)

pull down, get around to.

Sense 21 (noun)

lie, exist.

Sense 22 (noun)

sicken, settle, balance.

Sense 23 (noun)

fathom, ken, conceive, turn over, dig, twig, gross, get back.

Sense 24 (noun)

enjoy, delight in, drink in, revel in, go in for, love, like.

Sense 26 (noun)

bolt, hightail, benefit, skedaddle, clear out, exploit, vamoose, jump at, hotfoot.

Sense 27 (noun)

convince, sell, bring around, head.

Sense 29 (noun)

impress, affect.

Sense 30 (noun)

exasperate, peeve, aggravate, ruffle, irk, go for, fret.

Sense 31 (noun)

change, wax, GPS, footprint, radar, cell, directional, ghosting, interference, jam.

Sense 32 (noun)

tell, report.

get across (noun)

convey, transmit, communicate, impart.

get at (noun)

attain, reach, obtain, find, discover.

get back (noun)

recoup, retrieve, pay back, return, repossess, regain, recover.

get by (noun)

fare, survive, exist, get along.

get even (noun)

repay, pay back.

get in (noun)

arrive, penetrate, land, enter, come.

get together (noun)

meet, gather, collect.

get up (noun)

rise, arise.

arrive (verb)

make it, blow in, turn up, show, come, reach.

capture (verb)

achieve, arrest, seize, take, snare, abduct, capture, collar, catch, secure, apprehend, occupy, gain, obtain, win.

change (verb)

let, have.

cognition (verb)


convince, induce (verb)

persuade, provoke, bring around, press.

fall victim to (verb)

catch, come down with, succumb, sicken, accept, contract.

have an effect on (verb)

arouse, stir, stimulate, touch, affect, strike, inspire, excite, carry, satisfy, impress, stir up, move.

possession (verb)

make, have.

produce (verb)

scare up.

produce offspring (verb)

breed, sire, produce, procreate, beget, generate.

receive (verb)

accept, admit, inhale, pocket, inspire, absorb, assimilate, eat, devour, ingest, access, gulp, engorge, gobble, receive.

seize (verb)

beat, nail, apprehend, occupy, arrest, overcome, nab, collar.

understand (verb)

fathom, perceive, see, know, notice, comprehend, follow, take in, learn, look at.

Usage examples for get:

  • I'll never get her." - "The Iron Woman", Margaret Deland.
  • " He may get well," she said. - "The Other Girls", Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney.
  • Where will you get it? - "The Lamplighter", Maria S. Cummins.

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