Pronunciation of Gilt
/ɡˈɪlt/, /ɡˈɪlt/, /ɡ_ˈɪ_l_t/

Antonyms for gilt:


Synonyms for gilt:

Sense 1

haze over, tarry, thorny, muddy, armor-plated, stony, spiny, graveled, foamy, veiled, tiled, grassy, Laminated, gold-plated, Cobbled, frothy, mossy, gift-wrapped.

Sense 2

inky, greasy, snotty, rocky, decoration, powdered, gravelly, oily.

Sense 3

gritty, furry, rusty.

Sense 4

grass, prickly.

Other synonyms and related words:

grass, meretricious, flamboyant, gold-plated, grand, inky, favorable, lucky, greasy, rich, gift-wrapped, sumptuous, opulent, deluxe, rocky, specious, decoration, prickly, florid, furry, foamy, luxurious, thorny, princely, muddy, fortunate, Laminated, frothy, tiled, prosperous, halcyon, Cobbled, veiled, snotty.

gilded (adjective)

meretricious, golden, specious.

Sense 2 (noun)

furry, frothy, gold-plated, gift-wrapped, armor-plated, Cobbled, foamy, grass.

gilt (noun)

aureate, gold, golden, gilded, chromatic, gilding.

Usage examples for gilt:

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