Pronunciation of Goods
/ɡˈʊdz/, /ɡˈʊdz/, /ɡ_ˈʊ_d_z/

Synonyms for goods:

Sense 1

durable goods, appurtenance, offering, gyp, capital asset, fixed asset, job lot, status symbol, liquid assets, manufacture, intangible asset, Movables, lemon, intellectual assets, consumer goods, goods and chattels, second, extra, trappings, consumable, store brand, come-on, thing, option, loss leader, valuables, bulk buy, booty, crown jewels.

Sense 2

product, release, asset, bundle, impulse, concession, lost property.

Sense 3

acquisition, purchase.

Sense 4




Other synonyms and related words:

valuables, extra, trash, qualification, personalty, Movables, gear, paraphernalia, stuff, appurtenance, consumable, booty, trappings, asset, consumer goods, dud, personal effects, product, personal property, effect, bundle, impulse, release, manufacture, belonging, plunder, concession, lemon, thing, acquisition, offering, trade goods, capability.

Sense 1 (noun)

loss leader, offering, acquisition, bundle, consumer goods, come-on, product.

Sense 2 (noun)

asset, valuables, stuff, appurtenance, fixed asset.

goods (noun)

commodity, trade goods.

material (noun)


merchandise (noun)

stock, ware, merchandise, article, Commodities, cargo, effects, produce, wares, inventory, commodity, staple.

merchandises (noun)

wares, staples, Cargoes, stocks, Commodities, merchandises, articles, Inventories.

personal possessions (noun)

gear, paraphernalia, stuff, belongings, effects, trappings, property, chattels, Movables.

possession (noun)


properties (noun)

farms, realms, estates, lands, holdings, realties, principals, empires, titles, assets, ranches, belongings, wealths, domains, kingdoms, possessions, fixtures, Properties, Legacies, real estate, inheritances, manors, chattels, Resources, grounds, Territories.

property (noun)

farm, empire, property, possession, legacy, realm, inheritance, holding, manor, wealth, ranch, domain, ground, principal, realty, chattel, estate, land, kingdom, title, territory.

wealth (noun)


effects (verb)

personal property.

Usage examples for goods:

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