Pronunciation of Heap
/hˈiːp/, /hˈiːp/, /h_ˈiː_p/

Antonyms for heap:

scatter, lack, want.

Synonyms for heap:

Sense 1

scad, million, stagger, line up, juxtapose, trillion, bank up, pair, juxtaposition, zillion, bushel, sequencing, lay out, string out, ream, file away, align, rearrange, Jillion, collate, pair up, superimpose, passel, prefix, sandwich together, agglomeration, reorder, string together, pairing.

Sense 2

collation, organize, multiplicity, file, transpose, arrange, accumulation, size, space, pyramid, fill, layer, collection, realign, gob.

Sense 3

freight, sort, array, rain, aggregate.

Sense 4

lade, drift, range, order, overlay, litter.

Sense 5

wreck, rank, shower, complement.

Sense 6

wall, lavish.

Sense 7

load, charge.

Sense 8


a great deal

barrel, profusion, much, abundance, wealth, power, world.


oodles, mass.


pile, congeries.




bank up.

Sense 1 (noun)

collate, organize, lay out, arrange, range, layer, sort.

Sense 3 (noun)

abundance, profusion, wall.

Sense 4 (noun)

load, trillion, million, scad, bushel, multiplicity, wreck, ream, Jillion, zillion, oodles, gob.

a great deal (noun)

power, world, much, wealth, barrel.

amount (noun)

scads, quantity.

boat (noun)


collection (noun)

aggregate, agglomeration.

group (noun)

pile, cumulus, mound, agglomerate.

heap (noun)

muckle, jalopy, peck, sight, good deal, quite a little, tidy sum, lot, great deal, raft, cumulus, spate, hatful, pile, mickle, flock, bus, mint, slew, deal, wad, plenty, stack, mess, whole lot, batch, mound, whole slew, mass.

hillock (noun)


knoll (noun)


pile (noun)

agglomeration, collection, accumulation, profusion, abundance, pyramid, carload, load, quantity, drift.

pile, accumulation (noun)

bulk, bunch, plenty, load, agglomeration, collection, scad, batch, mass, bank, congeries, quantity, hill, stack, mountain, profusion, trillion, million, mound, mint, oodles, lot, abundance, bundle, volume, much, great deal, harvest.

acquire (verb)

assume, accumulate, capture, win, harvest, claim, bag, garner, add, fetch, catch, lure, get, obtain, buy, collect, take, net, incur, wrangle, reap, land, score, purchase, receive, secure, retrieve, acquire, annex, palm, procure, pocket, corner, amass.

amass, collect in pile (verb)

add, accumulate, pack, fill, gather, arrange.

Usage examples for heap:

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