Pronunciation of Hear
/hˈi͡ə/, /hˈi‍ə/, /h_ˈiə/

Synonyms for hear:

Sense 1 (noun)

make out, overhear, hearken.

Sense 2 (noun)

get wind of, hear of.

Sense 4 (noun)

hear out, hear from.

Sense 5 (noun)

discern, Mishear.

hear (noun)

get wind, try, see, take heed, learn, discover, get word, find out, listen, get a line.

pagan deity (noun)

hyperion, cronus, artemis, jupiter, persephone, dionysus, proserpina, hermes, gnome, helios, gaea, bacchus, nike, juno, venus, eros, aphrodite, nix, cupid, thor, Nixie, athena, saturn, banshee, nymph, hobgoblin, troll, diana, Kronos, deity, wood nymph, mermaid, demeter, hephaestus, vulcan, gaia, ares, rhea, jove, pluto, zeus, brownie, sprite, apollo, pixie, elf, mars, phoebus, poseidon, minerva, dryad, ceres.

become aware of information (verb)

determine, find out, receive, ascertain, understand, discover, catch on, see, learn.

detect by perceiving sound (verb)

hearken, attend, pick up, catch, heed, make out, strain, overhear, hark, get wind of, read, take in, apprehend, listen.

hear (verb)

attend, listen.

social (verb)


Sense 1

overhear, discern, hear from, Mishear, get wind of.

Sense 4

load, wind.

Sense 6

make out.


light upon, get wind of, identify.




pick up.

Other synonyms and related words:

ensure, name, try out, take, taste, watch, gain vigor, get wind of, memorize, lift up, happen upon, witness, construe, identify, collect, get wind, bring out, view, gather up, acquire, hearken, find out, teach, distinguish, detect, encounter, envision, larn, strike, take care, realise, prove, interpret, collar, attain, describe, arrest, assure, learn, fancy, catch on, nab, perk up, take heed, seek, examine, get word, discern, go steady, check, date, experience, try, escort, list, ascertain, observe, hear of, make out, turn around, insure, strain, Mishear, harken, determine, overhear, reveal, come across, find, see to it, understand, judge, visualize, fall upon, light upon, see, perk, elate, discover, come upon, adjudicate, hear out, meet, unwrap, consider, regard, let on, percolate, receive, picture, reckon, catch, read, break, disclose, hark, key out, chance on, instruct, attempt, go through, divulge, assay, mind, hear from, figure, expose, look, give away, get a line, cop, apprehend, essay, call for, chance upon, render, notice, image, visualise, peck, heed, run across, control, catch out, let out, intoxicate.

Usage examples for hear:

  • I do not want to hear. - "The Betrayal", E. Phillips Oppenheim.
  • Do you hear, Fledra? - "From the Valley of the Missing", Grace Miller White.

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